Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ski resorts making good use of the cold

High school students from the 2002-2008 Dundalk Adventure Club
on their 2004 Ski & Snowboard Trip to Whistler-Blackcomb 
10:20 AM 1/4/12 | While some readers have to deal with the hassle winter weather brings, for Powderhounds it is a cash cow, especially if snow followed by cold. Our Winter Stormcast Team, in collaboration with Forecaster Greg "Winterman" Jackson, is establishing the 2012 "Powderhound Team." 

A REPORT FOR SKIERS & RIDERS: Starting with the Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast Page,,(on facebook), we will begin providing all our snowsports readers with direct forecasting for many of their favorite ski resorts (and ours!) Our team is passionate about more than just snow forecasting...we play in it also. Like many riders out there, we're always on the hunt for the freshest pow. Yesterday's rage against the Lake Effect machine made for winning snow at Seven Springs, Snowshoe and Wisp. 

"WEDNESDAYS & THE WEEKEND" If you are yearning for our take on where to go for the best snow...check back later today for this new weekly feature on our page. The report, to be posted each Wednesday, will feature a weekly roundup of current resort conditions, latest snowfall, and where you might want to shred in the weekend ahead. As always, your feedback is welcome on how to stoke up this report to benefit you, your ski group or your resort.

PAYBACKS ARE COMING: You know the winter pattern will start turning toward storm potential, so we hope you'll "stay in the know with all things snow" and stick with our Winter Stormcast Team. Riders, start waxing!

(Forecasters Winterman, Foot and the 2012 FF Powderhound Team)


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...


The main event in the medium range continues to focus on a southern
stream 500 mb low that initially digs through The Four Corners region
this weekend and cuts off over Texas early next week. This system is
forecast to track north of I-10...picking up moisture as it crosses the
central Gulf states/mid-south before turning northeastward toward the middle-Atlantic
region. In addition...northern stream energy appears poised to dig southeastward
through the western Great Lakes leaving the door open for potential
phasing of streams.

The models have had trouble forecasting how quickly the southern
stream low ejects from the southern rockies/Texas Panhandle early next week. The
European model (ecmwf) has been on the slow side while the GFS has generally been
quicker. It seems this is often the case with these systems at
longer ranges. Nevertheless...despite some recent favorable
trends by both models toward a consensus the spread still remains
relatively large and would vary precipitation timing by at least one half
day/12hrs. It is likely that the models will continue to adjust
their timing/track/depth for several more runs untl the feature
/which is currently over the northestern Pacific S of Alaska approaching British Columbia/
moves onshore and dives into the western Continental U.S..

Confidence is somewhat better with the surface low track at least for all guidance shows the system moving along or west of the
appalachian spine through f150-162 before jogging eastward toward the northern middle
Atlantic CST. This western track would allow unseasonably mild/moist air
to stream northward in the warm sector and help support widespread
rainfall...keyword being rain and not snow given the time of year.
The system should have plenty of dynamics to work with as it takes
on a negative tilt and potentially interacts with the northern stream
system over the Great Lakes. Overall have increased probability of precipitation for Wednesday-Thursday per
latest model and ensemble data. Otherwise..the period will be
basically dry</pre>

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

This is our next chance at a major storm.  Looks like a lot of rain, but I would not turn my back to it.  Considering the time of year and the stated model bias, there is a small window that this could be something other than rain.  ;)

NeedaSnowday said...

and it will be dayum near 60 tomorrow.....