Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Listen to the Mandolin rain..."
-Lyrics from the1986 single by Bruce Hornsby & The Range

2:30 PM CST 1/25/12 | Affiliate Forecaster Wesley H. from Convective Weather in Wylie, Texas reports in his latest post that wet weather has finally returned to stone-dry Texas, and will be impacting much of the Mississippi Valley heading to the weekend.

"After a prolonged period of rain-free weather across much of the Lone Star State, Texas will see a return to wetter conditions. Our upper-level system responsible for the upcoming rain moved in from California. The models had been bouncing all over the place over the last several days in regards to the timing and track of this system." 

"Fortunately, they converged on a track into Southwest New Mexico/far West Texas by Wednesday evening. Once the system makes it into West Texas, it will slowly wind up, eventually becoming an upper-level low. As it strengthens, its eastern progression will slow. By Wednesday evening, it will have only made it into Southwest Texas." From here, rainfall will increase ahead of the system into the lower Mississippi Valley on Thursday, the Ohio Valley and the Northeast by Friday.

For more details on how this storm will evolve toward the weekend and affect the Southern Plains, and eventually the Mid-South, please visit his site at

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