Friday, January 13, 2012

The Atlanta Snowmageddon of 2011
(Just a bit calmer this week)

10:30 AM EST 1/13/2012 | A special look back by Meteorologist/Forecaster Daniel Ross, reposted from our Metro Atlanta Team. The Youtube video above is a recapture from ABC News World News on the event.

During the second week of January in 2011, almost 6 inches of snow fell throughout the Atlanta metro area. During the course of the multi-day event, temperatures would just break freezing, causing the top layer to melt, and then refreeze as temperatures dropped below freezing. This resulted in a 4-day closure of the city, as streets became slick with ice. The city was unfortunately hampered by limited snow removal equipment, and extra materials could not be shipped in due to ice. 

In 2012, temperatures in Atlanta this same week of last year's storm were recently sitting at 60 degrees and rainy. Amazing what difference a year makes. You can view an icy trip down memory lane from the Atlanta storms of 2011, just take it slow and easy, via this link in facebook to the photos of that event taken by our team. (Sorry kids and teachers, you'll have to take a look when you get home.) (Forecaster Daniel, Southeast Team)

Elsewhere in the country, winter has kept its promise across the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and western parts of the Mid-Atlantic. The dark blue across the National Weather Service map indicates extensive Winter Weather Advisories for 1-4 inches of snow, and Wind Advisories elsewhere.  (NWS Eastern HQ Map)

From Forecaster Jason Warren of our Northeast Ohio page: "Heavy snow is spreading across northeastern Ohio. An area of enhanced snowfall has moved into the area from the west. The leading edge of the heavier snow extends from near Cleveland, south to Medina, and Wooster. This area of heavier snowfall will spread east across the entire area through the morning hours.

The combination of strong wind gusts and heavy snow will create blizzard-like conditions with local white-outs. Travel will be treacherous across the area. If you are venturing out on the roads, please use extreme caution."

Facebook updates: You can visit the Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast page for more details on the impacts of this storm in affected areas covered by our team, as well as our Three Rivers Team in Metro Pittsburgh and the Potomac Ridge and Valley of western Maryland and the WV panhandle.

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