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Foot's Forecast is a weather forecasting, decision support and education outreach company operated by high school, college and professional forecast teams in 20 states. In the western U.S., Lead Forecaster Mark Ingalls, a senior at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, WA  is the Western Outreach Coordinator and leads the team's Pacific Northwest forecast page in Facebook. (Photo: Forecaster Mark Ingalls with Aaron Salter, a senior at the University of Maryland on a team visit to Seattle in Dec 2011)   

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Just three months after joining our team, in July 2011, Mark was featured in four newspapers, including this article in the Seattle TimesMark also runs a locally-focused weather website for the Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco in Southeast Washington and an accompanying Facebook page.  Mark's welcome message to students below was filmed during a December 2011 Maryland team visit to the region. 


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We welcome college students, science teachers and professors from across the region to consider joining as forecasters or advisors. Our team is in search of collaborations with western U.S. universities or high schools to join the efforts of our eastern U.S. university colleagues.  For advisors, you and your students would gain access to our 20-state network, including science teachers,  emergency managers, research meteorologists, graduate and undergraduates at eight universities. For high school students, the 411 on how to join  is found in "Who we are...what we do" or the Application Page. You can also Read about us in the media or simply Find your Forecast to learn more about our coverage before you consider joining.


What is different about Foot's Forecast versus other weather providers? Are we competing with the National Weather Service or Accuweather? 
  • We are a locally-based, nationally collaborative organization of high school and college student leaders guided by professionals;
  • Our "local forecast teams" really do live in the zones they operate, content on our pages does not originate from far away providers;
  • We support and promote NWS products to alternative audiences in social media. Forecasters retain local authority to predict the weather as they see it in collaboration with advisors and team members.
Check our record for yourself...Google us, or watch this 30 second video which searches for you, and is set to music, just for fun.

    Mark Ingalls and CEO Rich Foot at
    the 2011 NSTA Seattle Conference 
    Through a connection to the local and national Foot's Forecast team, science teachers, high school and college students alike can leverage that connection in order to bring a real-time, wide-angle perspective on climate, weather and the environment-- directly into the classroom.  The best and your students or neighbors will get to interact with their own local, real forecaster right in the area. The "teachable weather moment" potential is huge for students. 

    How to get started? Send us a simple email to 


    This video forecast  from Friday, December 9, 2011 was filmed at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. It is an example of how our team delivers "Fusion Forecasting" in an engaging, scientific and locally relevant way. When the weather permits, we feature local reports from students as the "lead story" on our main site. In our team, a good forecaster knows how to "go beyond" just the weather and make the forecast culturally relevant while retaining appropriate elements of science and meteorology.  

    Are you down with it? If you are, we're ready to collaborate with you. Let's get it started. 

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