Sunday, February 12, 2012

Passionate about possibilities?

On our team, the best innovations come from the creative forward-thinking of our members across the nation. Being a member of Foot's Forecast is more than a title. Your talents and abilities have wide impact on a readership of 60,000+. Current opportunities are available for reflect for fresh, energetic applicants who can contribute to and benefit from becoming part of our bigger story. Eligible applicants include students in high school or college, and those in the workforce seeking a different venue for their talents. Start the conversation today, there's nothing to lose but time until you join the team. Start the conversation today:

Advantages of being on our team
  • For-credit internships high school students to college seniors
  • Travel grants attend conferences with the Leadership Team
  • Professional presence business cards/email account
  • Speaking engagements presentations at conferences & events
  • Media features local, regional or national media  
Forecaster Connor with an outreach message for high school students

Opportunities for you

Local & Specialty Forecasting
  • Weather: Forecaster | Lead Forecaster | Regional Forecaster
  • Science: Climate Analyst | Data & Research | Environmental
  • Sports: Surf & Sail | Powderhound | Sports Forecaster
Social Multi-Media & Technology
  • Fusion: Photographer | Forecaster | Graphic Design 
  • Media: Strategic Coordinator | Social Networks | Microblogs
  • Technology: Applications Coordinator | Systems Coordinator
Business & Marketing
  • Public Relations: Public Information | Client Services 
  • Marketing: Coordinator | Advertising & Design
  • Finance: Director | Coordinator | Researcher
Connect with us
If you have questions or want to talk with a member of our Leadership Team, send a simple message to One of our college student leaders will be back in touch within 24 hours. 

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