Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Do you see what I see?"

PSU E-WALL LOOPS (Left) Water Vapor | (Right) Infrared Radar

7:35 PM EST 2/19/12 
The question that our Winter Stormcast Team has been wondering for our readers is: "Do you see what I see?" While heavy snow has been reported in Kentucky, North Carolina, western and central Virginia, readers in the Mid-Atlantic are nervously (or excitedly) watching as the low develops off the South Carolina coast. The precipitation shield continues to march ever northward, making us all wonder if this storm has a few more tricks up the sleeve. What are you seeing in your area? Tell us in the comments.

We offer these intriguing observations from our local teams:
  • Heavy snowfall rates of 2 inches per hour have been reported to the Blacksburg VA National Weather Service. The Sterling NWS has just raised snow totals in Central Virginia. Details on our page there
  • Lightning being reported in southwest Virginia, with one observer noting there was also "distant lightning" in other locations.
  • An upper air sounding at 1:00 PM today in the vicinity of the lightning, showed steep lapse rates of 7.1 c/km. This is indicative of strong upward motion, leading to higher snowfall rates and possible thundersnow. 
Screen capture as of 4:35 PM
  • Snow in the south is observed near Charlotte, North Carolina where you can see pictures posted by our team in that region.
  • Sleet was reported in by readers in Ocean City, MD and Salisbury, MD with heavy snow in lower southern Maryland in the past 2 hours.
  • Rain and snow are moving north into the Baltimore metro area. For Annapolis, MD we expect light snow to reach the city by 7:00 PM. This area is likely to be where the gradient of snowfall accumulations will set up. Up to with the southern portions of 695 being a northward boundary of accumulation in that area.
We welcome your observations in our Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast page on Facebook, or in the comments on this page. Enjoy the snow and stay safe!


juleew said...

As disappointed as I am with this WWE (Worst Winter EV-errrrrrrrrrrrrr) I remain a
dyed-in-the-wool-en-mittens POWDERHOUND.  I'm holding out hope for at least ONE
measureable (by a yardstick) snowfall before I start looking at annuals for the windowboxes.
HELP US ANDY!!!!!!!!

Matt_74 said...

Storm is now moving North.  Us folks in the Baltimore area should still get some snow out of this one.  It will be dark by the time it arrives and with lower temps we may acually get some measurable snow! What does anyone else think? Not a lot, but last night Andy was saying this one was officially dead and that Baltimore would be lucky to even get flurries.  Now it looks as if we could get 2-4 inches!

BioPat said...

I don't know about 2 - 4"  but I do think we'll be seeing snow once it gets dark.  Temps need to drop a bit more, and some of the rain/snow will still be melting as much of today was above freezing.

BioPat said...

Home and garden show is in 3 weeks - YIKES!  That will ensure snow, for at least a bit.  Remember, the blizzard o '58 arrived March 19, 1958 - I still have faith in the flakes.

JULIE said...

I am thinking it will be a PRESIDENT'S DAY MIRACLE lol =-O

ravensbbr said...

Anyone else glad SHA pre-treated now? :)

Jason Mitchell said...

I don't think anywhere north of Annapolis will see 2-4 inches. I'm in Southern MD and thus far all I've seen is a few flurries/sprinkles with a current temp of 39.

juleew said...

Left my parents home in northern Balto. Co at 8 ... sure felt like snow to ME.  Just now reading about the move north.  So my feeling was RIGHT!
Thanks Andy ... did you oil the snow blower or something?
Be interesting to see if the "streaky streets solution" works.
I'll be checking for flakes all night!

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Did anyone  see some snowshowers last night south of Baltimore?  Just curious in terms of observations.