Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two years ago, it was "20 more inches?"

9:25 AM EST 2/8/12 | Just two years this week, residents throughout the Mid-Atlantic were resurrecting their properties after a crippling blizzard dumped 20 to 30 inches from Washington to Philadelphia and everywhere else in between. Today, Mid-Atlantic Powderhounds yearning for the snowy days of yesteryear have to settle for eeking out a few inches here and there in this winter of La Nina induced discontent. Want to relive the thrill of Snowmageddon? Visit our archive report and forecast from 2/7/2010.

Minor Mid-Atlantic snow

Thanks to Advisor and Meteorologist Justin Berk (facebook link) for the map and timeline below as posted on his public Facebook page late yesterday.

We know many readers in other parts of the country, recently crushed with blizzards (Central Plains) or were encrusted in ice (Pacific Northwest) would scoff that 1-2 inches can even be worth mentioning. However, in a heavily traffic congested metro area such as the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, a few inches falling right at the START of the evening commute can wreak total havoc on commuters, public safety and medical services.

For continual coverage of the minor Mid-Atlantic mauling later today, you can follow our latest reports in the Central Maryland page on this site, in the Facebook forecast page for that region, and in our Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast page, also in Facebook.

Zones on our team which are also reporting on the snow event in Facebook include the Potomac Ridge and Valley, Northern Virginia, the Capital Region, and Central Pennsylvania.   

A spot of snow in the Mid-Atlantic?

6:30 AM EST 2/8/12 | A report from Forecaster Connor of our Central Maryland Team on the impending snow event in that region: 

Good morning! Ready for the hardest hitting snow storm off the year? Unfortunately, that doesn't mean much this year with the lack of winter weather. Current temperatures are hanging just above freezing under cloudy skies from the approaching storm system. 

As the system marches east, we should begin to see our first flakes falling just after 12:00pm. Areas south and east of I-95 may have some rain mixing in at the onset of precipitation, but will eventually transition to all snow. Snow will continue through the day, with the heaviest burst of snow occurring between 5-7pm. 

For additional details on this storm and its impacts today, please visit our Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast page on the main site. The image above is from the Eastern Regional HQ of the National Weather Service. 

(Forecasters Foot, Dakota, Greg and the Winter Stormcast Team)


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Moderate snow here now.  Statring to stick to driveway etc.  Little over an inch accumulated on grass deck etc.  8-)

ravensbbr said...

yawn...more or less the same here in NE CC...bring on the Kahunas already! :-P

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Around 3 inches here with moderate snow falling. :*

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

I still think we can all get one warning criteria snow this year.   My best guess is that it may come in March just when we think there really is no hope.  Sometimes you just get a dog of a winter, and this has been one no doubt.  I still think March will give us something ;)

hocoKtchr said...

Wahoo....3 inches is getting there on the kahuna scale....well, not really but at least it is something!  And the snow is beautiful, at least until the car exhaust ruins it!!! ;)

NeedaSnowday said...

Remember the days of the PD storms...... :'(

Leavin for Orlando next week... there should be a storm brewing as we usually have that kind of luck... no?