Saturday, February 11, 2012

You know you want to go

Powderhound Team member James Hammond from Baltimore sporting 
his FF t-shirt at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in southwest Pennsylvania.

4:00 PM EST 2/11/12 | This weekend in portions of the Mid-Atlantic, skiers, riders and the resorts they live for finally get to hit the trails in a little fresh powder. While not a high impact storm, the weak low pressure system moving through the Eastern U.S. has brought bands of moderate to heavy snow in western Pennsylvania. Overnight, light snow has reached the metro areas of Washington and Baltimore. Today, warm surface temperatures will keep accumulations limited to a general 1-2 inches north and west of the Mid-Atlantic I-95 corridor.  

In the western Mid-Atlantic, our Three Rivers Forecast Team from Southwest PA is reporting occasional heavy snow bands dropped up to 1" an hour at times. This video was recorded Saturday afternoon from the campus of California University of Pennsylvania by Forecasters Greg Jackson and Matt Balash:

Destinations such as Seven Springs in southwest PA, Wisp Resort in western Maryland and Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia will be the Powderhound victors in this event. These areas expect 6 or more inches, a few inches from the first wave yesterday, and several more today in the Lake Effect influenced snowfall on northwest winds on the backside of the low pressure system.

A full report on accumulations and impacts across the region is posted in our Winter Stormcast page. 

We know "Outdoor Destination" resorts need reliable, affordable season-specific forecasting. We have predicted snowfall to the tenth of an inch, over 24 hours in advance, and arrival of snowfall down to the minute. And we have the data to prove it. 

Stop over to our Client Services page, and let's schedule a chat on the lift chair about how our Powderhound Team can help your resort known when you'll get most free fresh powder: We're ready to collaborate with you. 


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

With a trough over the East Coast most of the coming week...a
short-wave could be missed by the models and ensembles at longer
ranges. Some ensemble imply a potential storm along or off the
coast next weekend. But pretty far out and pretty uncertain.

This is the time period we have to watch, and is our BEST shot at a BUG KAHUNA, TIME WILL TELL. 8-) </pre>

NeedaSnowday said...

Hmmm... of what variety?  It better not be more of those doggone stink bugs!! :-P

PDIII .....  just let us get in from Orlando safely (19th)....

ravensbbr said...

I do the same thing all the time, who ever thought putting the "u" right next to the "i" was a good idea? Hate it when I think I've alerted someone to a "big problem", only for them to fire back something along the lines of "What bug problem?"

Like the idea, the GFS/NAM don't seem to agree with that right now, but it has my vote.