Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

9:30 AM EDT 3/22/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) Wednesday was the first "full day" of Spring, so what is the status of the season around the country? It is definitely an earlier than normal season because of the nationwide warmth this past winter (with the exception of the Pacific Northwest). So what does spring look like in your state? 

Spring in the Pacific Northwest - What? What Spring? Sorry, I couldn't see it over the 10 ft. snowbanks in these higher elevations. For our Thursday, another storm is barreling into the region, bringing rain to the lower elevations and more snow into the mountains. 

Spring in the Mississippi River Valley - This storm system is taking its grand old time getting across the country because it has now cutoff from the quick jet stream in the upper atmosphere that would normally shuttle any storm system straight out of the country. Thursday will bring more severe weather threats and potential flooding as it inches further eastward. Because of the threat for flooding and severe weather, the featured zone tonight is the Foot's Forecast | Central Mississippi zone. 

Spring in the Northeast - Fog, Fog, go away-and on second thought, don't come back another day either. Patchy fog will develop along the I-95 corridor once again to start our Thursday, and we will be heading to another warm day. As that cutoff low moves into the region this weekend, expect major changes in temperatures, so enjoy the warmth while it lasts! Have a wonderful Thursday! (Forecaster Mike)

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