Sunday, March 11, 2012

Join our voyage to Titanic 100 
 "Elaborate preparations had been for the maiden voyage. Crowds of eager watchers gathered to witness the departure, all the more interested because of the notable people  who were to travel aboard her. Majestic and beautiful the ship rested on the water, a marvel of shipbuilding, worth of any sea."  - Author L.T. Myers, May 1912 
Image credit: The unforgettable Grand Staircase, from the original 
1912 printing of The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters

6:00 PM EDT 3/11/12 For all those whose hearts still go on for the triumph and tragedy of this story, our team is commemorating the 100th anniversary with a series of weekly lead stories building toward the April events marking the original journey. This specialized Facebook page will chronicle our research and provide interested readers a "crow's nest" look at the Titanic story from the perspective of our writers.

On April 8, 2012 in Southampton, England one of several historical voyages will commence, followed by an April 10 departure at 12:00 PM from New York Harbor. For these trans-Atlantic journeys, and for their passengers and crew, our team will publishing an exclusive ocean-going forecast for their pathway. If you're a historian, climatologist or Titanic enthusiast of any age,  we would welcome you aboard this quest to honor the people and the science behind this story. Send a simple message to and learn more about joining our literary voyage with history.

What do you know about the real Jack?

Even now, one hundred years later, there are stories yet untold about this timeless tragedy, some of which historians have only recently uncovered. continue to uncover. Our multi-state "Titanic 100 Team" of researchers, enthusiasts and students across the distance are joining forces to unveil the next month a five-part series, once each week, detailing new findings, and old lessons. 

The series will kick off in April 2012 with a little-known story of how a 17-year old high school student revealed truths of the dramatic sinking, and why the story remained buried two miles down until Robert Ballard's deep sea discoveries

Was there really a person named "Jack Dawson" on the ship in 1912? Is there any historical basis to the characters of Jack and Rose? Learn more in the lead story to be posted April 10 on the main site. tomorrow and on other topics including:  
  • Climate: Forecaster Jason M. and his colleagues will be reporting on research into climate patterns from the winter of 1911-12. Are there similarities in how the atmosphere behaved that year?
  • Oceanography: New findings reveal something tragically coincidental about about tides and moon phases, showing that winter and spring of 1912 was a unique moment in time.
  • Commerce: Our media team are exploring how this single tragedy forever changed new wireless communication technology and ocean commerce rules.
  • Leadership: A closing essay how the "Class system" and a failure leadership are the true life lessons of 1912 that still resonate today.   
New York is our lead: The Metro New York City zone in Facebook, directed by Lead Forecaster Mike Natoli, will be the headquarters of our month-long voyage to the 100th anniversary, and the home of our forecast project for the Memorial Cruise.  An exclusive Facebook page will be revealed on March 14 as the outreach portal for our weekly stories. We look forward to sharing in the history with you.

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