Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Showers for the Flowers?

Photo credit: Meteorologist Justin Berk

7:50 AM EDT 3/21/12  (Forecaster Mike N.) With the official start of Spring welcomed early Tuesday morning, we can see the evidence in full bloom across much of the country! Severe weather typical of a southern Spring is already kicking up while "fever-like" weather may be infecting residents of the East seeing temperatures consistently 10-20º above average. 

Locked in Winter's grip Despite widespread warmth, the Pacific Northwest remain firmly in the grasp of Winter. That region and Alaska have really been the only ones to feel any strength from Old Man Winter this past season. For Wednesday, another storm system will be bringing some wet weather and snowfall to the higher elevations. 

Getting severe in the South Those in the southern U.S. know the formula well: Low Pressure + Gulf Moisture + Warmth = Severe Thunderstorms. We had flooding and severe issues on Tuesday and the risk continues on Wednesday near the Gulf Coast as this slow moving cutoff low pressure inches its way eastward. Areas especially in Louisiana and Arkansas should be on the lookout for potential severe updates if they become necessary. Because of the thunderstorm threat, today's featured page in Facebook is  the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Severe Weather zone. 

Hot time, summer in the city? Much of the East is now almost halfway through the second week in a row of well above average temperatures. This week however, dewpoints are much higher, which makes for foggy mornings across many areas as well as humid afternoons possible. Those with allergies know the real difficulties of this early Spring have only just begun. 

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