Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcoming Spring

7:30 AM EDT 3/20/12 (Forecasters Mike N. and Mr. Foot) For some, we have formally bid goodbye to the winter that wasn’t, and can now look back at the season to compare.. which would we have preferred? The frequent breaks of mild air that marked 2011-12, or the storminess and relative cold of 2009-2010? The graphic above from the National Climate Data Center shows in stark contrast how two "winters in extreme" compared.  

A COMPARISON It is interesting to note the third least snowy winter on record (2011-12) followed the snowiest season on record (2009-2010) by only two years. This could be the sharpest two-year difference in snowfall iin the history of climate records. 

A LOCAL REPORT Our Maryland Team reports that Spring was welcomed by thunderstorms and gusty winds across portions of Central Maryland. Quite a number of readers reported observations to the Facebook page of Meteorologist Justin Berk early this morning. 

For that region and across the Mid-Atlantic, the first few hours of spring are opening with milder temperatures what has been seen recentlu. Dewpoints are still fairly high around the region, so we may have more areas of fog as we head out for our Tuesday morning commute. Scattered "Spring showers" moving through those area are kicking off the season right on cue. 

Only problem is... the flowers already showed up before the showers did!  

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