Friday, April 20, 2012

Action, Right Ahead

10:10 AM EDT 4/20/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) Looking ahead to the weekend: After a few quiet days, welcome for many, things are starting to get a little more exciting around the nation as we head into the weekend. 

SpringFest in Ocean City, Maryland: Before we get to the action-packed weather of this weekend, remember that summer is heading your way fast! Next weekend is a big kickoff event with the annual SpringFest celebration in Ocean, MD. Be sure to monitor our Bayshore Team from Eastern MD in Facebook for the forecast as next weekend nears. Check out many good values on hotel options at A video of the 2012 SpringFest: 

Severe threat - It is April, so it is often very difficult to stay far away from severe weather across the country. A cold front moving across the country may spin up a few thunderstorms along with a line of showers stretching from South Texas to Lake Erie. 

East coast impacts - The east coast will not see the impact from the front on Friday, which will leave those areas with a beautiful Friday. Still, conditions will deteriorate as we head into the weekend. The NOAA map below shows projected 3-day precipitation for a majority of the East coast Saturday into Sunday.

  • Saturday will bring showers and possibly thunderstorms to areas that really need the rain. A low pressure system will try to develop along the tail end of that cold front, then make its way up the east coast
  • This system may bring potentially heavy rainfall to the immediate coast, and possibly areas well inland as well depending on the exact track. While this is unfortunately coming on a weekend, many portions of the east really need the rain! 
  • Events that will be impacted by this rainfall include the many Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure activities taking place along the East coast.
West coast tranquility - The other area of the country that really needs rain is the Southwest. That area of the nation will luck out Friday into the weekend with regard to beautiful weather for a majority of areas from California to the Pacific Northwest, with rain in the waterlogged Seattle area decreasing by the end of today. 

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