Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrating calm weather 
passion for performance

8:00 AM EDT 4/17/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) Just like Tuesday, Wednesday will not be very active around the country! The National Advisory map is close to blank. We have some frost and freeze warnings for Wednesday morning around the Lakes, and a slight fire danger in New Mexico, but even despite numerous storms around the country, none are really able to get too strong! 

The storm in the SE will bring some welcome rain to drought areas, but it will not be enough for many places. Another storm will bring some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Northern Plains, but again, nothing very significant. The last storm will of course be in the Pacific Northwest, including the Foot's Forecast | Seattle & The Sound zone in Facebook. While scattered showers will be likely over a wide swath of land, this will again not be as strong as past storms. 

As far as temperatures go around the country, the warmth has receded a lot, but mild conditions will still be prevalent across a portion of the middle of the country.

Check back later today for a special announcement about the nationally recognized accomplishments of two college student forecasters on our team ... who are a true example of what happens when you fuel your future with passion for excellence today.

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