Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fire in the sky

Photo credit: Seattle Post-Intelligencer of the
Popocatépetl Volcano near Mexico City

8:25 AM EDT 4/25/12 (Forecaster Mike) Without that strong storm having finally departed the Northeast, the weather pattern has become quiet once again in most parts of the country. However, our neighbor to the south is still worrying about volcanic troubles courtesy of a geologic feature known as "smoking mountain."  

VOLCANO WEATHER? Portions of Mexico City have been on high alert since April 13th when the Popocatépetl Volcano became active. While it has yet to experience a major eruption, its last such event in 2000 caused major problems to the area, so authorities remain on alert. The volcano has continues to spew ash into the atmosphere around one of the largest cities in the world, keeping residents and emergency managers alike on edge. "The picture attached to this update shows a recent image of the almost 18,000 foot high volcano, credited to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SLIGHTLY SEVERE HERE Back in our country, one storm system will try to get organized as it slides southeastward from the Northern Plains on Wednesday. Some severe weather may develop associated with this storm through Illinois and into the Ohio Valley, especially late in the day. Please stay tuned to the Foot's Forecast | Ohio Valley Severe Weather for local weather updates and the National Weather Service for any watches or warnings. 

FRESH RAIN FOR THE WEST While the west has been without any organized storm systems for a few days, the next one will pound ashore into the Pacific Northwest, impacting our Seattle & The Sound zone with fresh rainfall for the region. Also, the drought-ridden Southwest coast will get some wet weather coming in on Wednesday, providing some very welcome relief as we head closer to summer! The greatest risk for rainfall in those regions, including southern California will be later into the day. 

SCORCHING IN THE PLAINS! In the southern Plains, we will be just plain scorching! Many places across Central and Western Texas could surpass the 100º mark, with 90s plentiful across a huge portion of the region as well. Though it is only April, better take extra time to stay hydrated and keep that water intake up. 

COOLER IN THE EAST In the east, temperatures may warm up slightly from Monday, but generally it will be another cool day with a trough still remaining in place on Wednesday. A few showers will be possible once again, but no widespread rainfall yet. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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