Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Tranquil for Tax Day 

7:15 AM EDT 4/17/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) It's definitely not safe to say we will be "totally tranquil" on Tuesday, but the good news is that things are quieting down after the active weekend and Monday's severe weather events. Calmer conditions are also a welcome sigh of relief for those who were sweating bullets in the past couple days squeezing out every last deduction on their federal tax returns, which were due at midnight this morning. We hope you can celebrate in the sunshine!  

Today's regional roundup features our Charlotte & Metrolina zone in Facebook along the border of North Carolina and South Carolina operated by Forecaster Christy R. 

Any help for drought-stricken areas? 

NOAA Precipitation projection through Wednesday PM

Mid-Atlantic The cold front that brought the weekend tornado outbreak to the Plains has really fizzled as it ran into a high pressure sitting off the East coast. As a result, the areas near the Atlantic Coast looking for decent rain will have to wait until a redeveloping low along the front moves toward the area by Wednesday.

Southeast Fortunately for the drought areas of the southeast though, the southern end of the front is still intact, which will bring some scattered showers and potentially strong thunderstorms to areas that need the rain. The Metrolina zone is one of the areas dealing with a Moderate Drought, and could see some scattered thunderstorms passing by on Tuesday. 

Northern Plains The other potential area for storms is in the Northern Plains with a weak storm sneaking out of the Pacific Northwest. This storm will race across the northern flank of the country, but could bring showers or even a thunderstorms for those regions. The Plains will be able to get warmer than Monday, and on the other hand, the areas in the east that roasted on Monday will get a break on Tuesday behind the cold front. 

Best wishes for a pleasant day of recovery from taxes!

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