Saturday, April 21, 2012

Topsy Turvey Weekend

NAM computer model projection for 2 PM EDT Sunday shows 
coastal storm for the Southeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic
This animation shows how the storm will develop tonight. 

10:25 AM EDT 4/20/12 (Forecasters Mike N., Greg J and Mr. Foot) After some relatively calm conditions through the last week, the weather pattern is firing up for the weekend, just as many public events, festivals and races like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure get underway today and tomorrow. Our local forecast teams are in position around the country to keep you updated on the developing situation for these upcoming weather events:
Eastern Trough - A cold front that barreled through the center of the country Friday will arrive at the eastern seaboard Saturday evening. It may nice along the coast today, but that will change in a major way tonight. Sports fans and event planners alike should expect major curveballs into our warm and dry pattern as of late. As the front hits the Gulf, a low pressure system will start to strengthen, then move up the coast. By Sunday, we expect a full-blown "nor'easter" to bring wind-swept heavy rain as the storm drags cooler air down behind it. Get your outdoor activities in the East done today before stormy skies arrive tonight 

Western Ridge - A huge ridge building in the western United States is allowing warmth to expand to much of the western half of the country. With such a big ridge coming in, the jet stream will be diverted northward, gifting the Pacific Northwest with a beautiful weekend! Now often dry weather in the west means a high fire threat, but this ridge is very steadily in place, and will not be flaring up any significant wind danger, which is of some help to the fire risk. 

Have a great weekend everyone and keep checking our local zones for the latest updates from our team, as well as monitor the NWS for official watches or warnings on this developing situation.

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