Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Catastrophic tornado threat"
-National Weather Service in Wichita, Kansas as reported
by Affiliate Forecaster CirrusWeather in Hays, KS

88 preliminary tornado reports as of 10:00 PM CDT
Live video feed of KFOR-TV in Wichita  
Forecaster Kristen Menz Tweeting from central Kansas
Forecaster Nic Roberson with a live chase page in Kansas

10:00 PM CDT 4/14/12  (Forecaster Josh O.) Current overview of watches in effect across the Midwest:
Storms in Iowa appear to be "training" in a line and a bow echo form which makes the primary threat strong, damaging straight-line winds there. The Tornado risk still substantial across the central plain states with "Particularly Dangerous Situation" watches in effect well into the early morning hours. A few large tornadoes have been reported on the ground in Kansas over the past hour. This event is still far from over. Be safe, aware and alert to the latest warnings from the National Weather Service. 

"Wedge tornadoes 
and baseball-sized hail"
-observations from Forecaster Kristen Menz 
on a storm chasing trek from Kansas to Nebraska

72 preliminary tornado reports as of 9:00 PM CDT

9:00 PM CDT 4/14/12 (Forecast Advisor Ed Quinn) As we continue to watch Tornadoes pop up tonight and likely through the overnight, let's also remember Severe Thunderstorms are impacting numerous communities as well. Some of these Severe thunderstorms are capable of causing damage similar to a weak EF-0 Tornado which packs winds of 65-85 MPH.  Flash Flooding is also likely with some of the slower moving storms, which could train over the same areas for several hours.

We have highlighted current 'Tornado Watches' in our previous post on the Severe Storm Center page in Facebook.

Portions of Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois are under a 'Severe Thunderstorm Watch' effective from 8:40 PM CDT Saturday night until 1:00 AM CDT Sunday Morning. Impact from these storms will include:

  • Hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Wind gusts to 70 MPH
  • Cloud-to-ground Lightning is also possible.

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