Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Working for the weekend"
- Lyrics from the 1981 single by Loverboy

The view from atop The Atlantic Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland from  
our Bayshore Forecast Team. Maybe you should be in that chair?
9:45 AM EDT 4/18/12 (Forecaster Mike N. and Mr. Foot) With Wednesday behind us, the weekend is so close you can feel it, huh? We have good news for those hoping to get a break from active weather. If you're working for the weekend, a quieter regime is shifting into place for the next few days. There is still concern the pattern could end as a ticking time bomb, with uncertainty over severe weather potential late in the weekend. For now, the National Weather Service advisory map around the country is once again quite "empty" with showers widely dispersed around the nation. 

Members of our Maryland Forecast Team on a visit to Ocean City
Looking for great (free) beaches?  Even though Memorial Day, graduation and summer vacation seem miles away, you know many Moms and Dads are cooking up the classic American family vacation. We think Ocean City, Maryland is epic place for this in every sense: Beautiful white sandy beaches, great hotel options, easy to get around and an overall real friendly place for families and couples alike. Our Bayshore Forecast Team in gives you the heads up on the good weather (there's a lot that) and is on the prowl when skies turn stormy as well. We know you want to go... so visit for great info on lodging, activities and of course, those undeniably white sandy beaches... free for you every day of the year.

Severe threat? If you're in Kansas, keep close watch on our Kansas City metro zone, operated by Forecaster Kristen. This area is one where a slight threat of severe weather and strong thunderstorms is still in play as shown in the latest outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center. Latest data suggest this will not  be to the scale of the weekend tornado outbreak. As a storm system breaks out of the Rockies, it may flare up a few storms across OK, MO, IA, and KS, especially later in the day and into the evening.  

The We(s)t? Readers along the coast and the Puget Sound area can check in with Forecaster Mark of our Seattle & The Sound page in Facebook. For Thursday, showers will mostly just wander around the Pacific Northwest, but later in the day, a stronger storm may slam into the immediate coast, bringing some unneeded rainfall to those regions once again. 

Forecaster Dakota on an earlier visit to Seattle, hoping to 
bring some rain (or some fish) back to the parched East coast. 

Dry enough for you? - Rain has become a precious commodity along the East coast, even yesterday's little dousing in Central Maryland, as reported by our team there did not help the wickedly dry April so far. Portions of both the Southwest and the East continue in a dry pattern, and sure could use the rain that keeps dumping on Seattle . The only help we can offer is the possibility of coastal systems to impact these areas later in the weekend. Uncertainty still abounds, and we've seen rain potential fizzle before in this dry pattern... so check back later for more updates and have a wonderful Thursday! (Forecaster Mike)

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