Thursday, May 31, 2012

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An Extreme Way To End May

9:20 AM EDT 5/31/12 (Forecaster Mike) 

Severely Significant: A low pressure system is starting to organize itself out of the storms that rolled through Oklahoma Wednesday. As we head into Thursday, this low pressure center will drop a cold front southward, and cause the concern for severe weather once again. One of the primary areas of risk is the Foot's Forecast | Central Mississippi as storms arrive there later in the day. 

No-So-Tropical Storm Beryl: As of 5 pm EDT on Wednesday, Beryl no longer has the characteristics in order to qualify it as a tropical storm. Even though the winds have actually increased, prolonged exposure to land and cold water has caused the system to transition to the "extratropical" phase. Hurricane Season officially begins in less than 24 hours, but we are already saying goodbye to two tropical systems! As we head closer to the heart of hurricane season, make sure you are staying tuned to the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone

Hot Southeast: Out ahead of the cold front, heat will dominate regions like the Foot's Forecast | Charlotte & The Metrolina zone where we can anticipiate highs climbing up around 90º. Widespread 90s will be common place across much of the southeast as high humidity builds as well. 

Where It's Beautiful! Areas like the Foot's Forecast | Virginia Tidewater zone and the Foot's Forecast | Central Pennsylvania zone will have an absolutely beautiful end to the month of May! Highs will be in the 60s, 70s, and 80s all across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country, but be sure to check into your local zone for exact details on the temperatures! 

Flirting With Records Massive heat will return to the southwest on Thursday as the ridge of highs pressure builds across the region. Excessive Heat Warnings have already been issued for SE California and SW Arizona because of temperatures heading well into the 100s on Thursday. The rest of the Southwest will be close to some records as well, but their records just aren't as warm! 

Have a wonderful Thursday and stay tuned for the latest!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Wet & Wild Wednesday

6:55 AM EDT 5/30/12 (Forecaster Mike) - As the cold front that has been pressing across the country the last few days finally moves out to sea, it will leave behind a very different day on Wednesday when compared to Tuesday and the early week. For many areas, the big difference will be a noticeable drop in temperatures as we arrive through the middle of the week. 

Beryl Going For The U-Turn: Beryl is still a weak Tropical Depression with sustained winds of only 30 mph as it sits over southern Georgia. Heavy Rain is moving along with the system, but it is extremely disorganized. Even though it appears to be falling apart, it is expected to bring very significant rainfall to the Foot's Forecast | Albemarle & Outer Banks zone as well as the Foot's Forecast | Cape Fear & The Carolina Coast zone. As a result, Flood Watches and Warnings extend from the GA/SC border up through the Outer Banks. Also, as Beryl hits the water again, it does have the chance to develop back into a Tropical Storm before being whisked off into the north Atlantic. 

Hot Or Not? This first area encompasses the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley, where temperatures will still be warm, but not nearly the kind of heat we have seen in the days past. After a day of Excessive Heat Warnings and severe thunderstorms, the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Pennsylvania zone will have some welcome relief with decreasing clouds and highs in the lower 80s after a few showers early. This whole area will be out of the 90s on Wednesday, with areas getting to the 80s around the I-95 corridor, but 70s predominating north and west. 

Def More Hot: While the cold front is knocking down the heat in the east, the south will not feel any significant change in terms of a temperature drop. Portions of Texas will still be heading up into the 100s in places, while 90s stretch over most of the state, through Louisiana and Mississippi, and extending along the Gulf Coast. One area that will be feeling the heat combined with strong Florida humidity is the Foot's Forecast | Florida Panhandle zone as we clear out behind the departing Beryl. This whole area will be back into the summer rhythm with plentiful heat available! 

Severely Stormy: Unfortunately, those on the fringe of that "Def More Hot" zone will be in the risk area for some significant severe weather potential. The Storm Prediction Center has stated that there is a moderate risk of storms for a large portion of Kansas and Oklahoma, but also extending into Nebraska and northward, just a lower potential for severe weather. 

Chillin' and Thrillin' Believe it or not, there are Frost Advisories in effect for Northern Minnesota and North Dakota as we head into Wednesday morning. Lows will be diving all the way into the 30s for many places around those states, with really not much warmth building during the day either. For example, the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Wisconsin zone may be seeing highs only in the upper 50s to lower 60s, while Chicago only peaks in the mid 60s. This definitely will not feel like the end of May! 

The West will be very quiet in Wednesday with unsettled conditions winding down in the north, with a slightly lower risk for wildfire in the south. Stay tuned to your local zones and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Tropical-like Tuesday

Current "Feels like" temperature

7:45 AM EDT 5/29/12 (Forecaster Mike) - The trends of the weekend are starting to change as we head into the new week. Many places saw rather hot and humid conditions making the whole Memorial Day weekend feel like summer, but things will be changing in the next few days. 

BERYL LIVES ON! - As of 11 pm on Monday night, Beryl is a weak Tropical Depression located near the Georgia/Florida border. It is still dropping some heavy rain across portions of our Southern Georgia zone as well as our Central Florida zone. Watches and Warnings are still in effect but Tropical Storm Warnings have expired. Beryl currently has winds of 30 mph which keeps it at Tropical Depression strength. Beryl will be complete its turn around and start heading out to sea, bringing some heavy rainfall along the coastline to the Outer Banks. 

SEVERE THREAT SHIFTS EAST - Much of the Appalachians will be in the risk zone on Tuesday, including our Three Rivers page own to our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone. In between and up towards upstate New York, scattered thunderstorms and rainfall are likely. The east coast may also see threats for storms starting later in the day as the cold front approaches the coast. 

COOLER IN THE PLAINS - With the cold front long gone, we might actually be chilly in the northern Plains. Into the central Plains, it will be slightly cooler, but widespread 80s can't be considered chilly! 

HOTTER THAN A ____ ? - Texas will be in the frying pan once again on Tuesday, with widespread 90s, and chances for 100º. Further east, we can expect highs in the low to mid 90s around our Central Mississippi zone! So the heat will remain strong from Texas to Alabama, and a little bit up the Mississippi River while other surrounding regions will see the heat beat back. 

POLARIZED IN THE WEST - The Northwest will remain slightly unsettled with more cloud cover in place, but then we also have to watch for some scattered showers or thunderstorms across Northern Idaho and Western Montana. Conversely, in the southwest, we have dry, sunny, and hot conditions returning again! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

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Remembering Their Service And Sacrifice

7:00 PM EDT 5/29/12 Our "flags in the weather" theme across our many forecast zones this weekend has been to honor the service and sacrifice of those who have gone before us to protect our nation's freedom. We always remember that the dedication of our soldiers and their families has provided the freedom to enjoy days like this one. 

Special forecasts for today's parades and events, as an example of our honoring this day, were posted by our Three Rivers Team for the Pittsburgh Metro area, and our Central Maryland Team for the Baltimore Metro area, as noted on their public Facebook page. 

Today, while you are at a parade, celebrating a cookout or just relaxing at the beach - we encourage you to "never forget" that someone else stood in the line of fire for all of us, which made this day possible. (The Advisory Team of Foot's Forecast)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Was Beryl Becoming A Hurricane?

11:00 PM EDT  5/27/12 (Forecaster Shundra Stewart) Beryl is still a tropical storm as it pushes onshore near Jacksonville, FL. The winds are still at 70 mph with the central pressure having increased to 993mb. The storm is slowing as it moves west at 7 mph.

  • Beryl is only 35 miles east of Jacksonville, FL. We could see heavy rain, strong winds, tides 3' or greater above normal and flooded roadways as Beryl makes landfall in the next hour or two. 
  • 15 foot seas has been reported east of Fernandina Beach, FL. The Ocean Prediction Center reported wave heights of 21 feet at the center.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds will continue throughout the night for FL and GA, producing additonal power outages throughout the area.
TROPICAL STORM WARNING continues from Volusia/Brevard county line in FL to Edisto Beach, SC.
9:30 PM EDT 5/27/12  (Forecasters Mark) Latest reports from Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that Beryl had 90kt winds at flight level, which suggests near 75 mph winds at the surface. This data suggests Beryl could have become a hurricane just prior to landfall. This system is the first time since Hurricane David in 1979 that a tropical cyclone has struck this portion of the Georgia/Florida coast. The latest impacts as of 9:30 PM.
  • Power Outages: More than 2000 customers just North of St. Augustine Airport.
  • Winds at Jacksonville Naval Air Station reported at 30 mph sustained. On Jekyll Island in Georgia Forecaster Jason I. is reporting winds of 35mph, gusting to 50mph.
  • Kings Bay Naval Sub Base is reporting wind gusts of up to 60 mph.
  • Matthews Bridge in Jacksonville, which carries Alt US 90, is CLOSED.
  • Power outages are being reported on both Jekyll and St Simon's Islands in Georgia 

    Remember that you can upload both pictures and videos of the storm straight to our Facebook page for the Tropical Zone. Please stay safe while taking these.

8:08 PM EDT 5/27/12 (Forecaster Shundra) BERYL CLOSE TO HURRICANE STRENGTH | Beryl is still a Tropical Storm but very close to a hurricane. As of the 8 PM Advisory, winds have increased to 70mph and its central pressure has now dropped to 992mb. Beryl is still moving to the west @ 10mph. TS Beryl is currently 75 miles east of Jacksonville, FL and 95 miles Southeast of Brunswick, GA. The latest storm impacts:
  • A TROPICAL STORM WARNING continues for Volusia/Brevard County line Florida to Edisto Beach South Carolina.
  • A State of Emergency has been declared for Jacksonville, FL and some beaches have been closed in FL because of the high tides and surfs. This will continue throughout the night as TS Beryl pushes inland.
  • In Georgia, 2,760 customers w/out power in coastal Ga from TS Beryl; 2,080 in Savannah; 400 in Brunswick. Crews working to restore power.
7:05 PM EDT 5/27/12  (Forecaster Nikki & The Tropical TeamAs Tropical Storm Beryl inches closer to the Florida/Georgia coast, the waters have become decidely more rough  Power outages, flooding, and gusty winds up to hurricane strength remain likely for Northeastern Florida and parts of Southeastern Georgia. Heavy rains have been moving closer to I-95, with the worst of conditions right along the coast, with the bulk of the heaviest rain moving in overnight tonight. 

Some strengthening is possible before landfall as Hurricane Hunter aircraft reported winds in the lower left quadrants to be 71 mph.Current winds in parts of Florida include Brunswick and Fernandina at 35 mph, St. Augustine at 28 mph and Palm Coast at 29 mph. Tropical Storm Warnings continue for Volusia/Brevard County line Florida to Edisto Beach South Carolina. 

Photo from Forecaster Jason Isaacs on Jekyll Island along the Georgia  Coast
Our own Forecaster Jason Isaacs from the Tropical Team is currently on site at Jekyll Island along Georgia's Barrier Islands, reporting on conditions and submitting photos for the team. Check our Tropical Zone page on Facebook or the main site for additional details on Beryl. 

5:45 PM EDT 5/27/12 | COULD SHE BE A HURRICANE BEFORE LANDFALL? A recent report from Meteorologist Randall J. of our Tropical Team: 
"Hurricane Hunters from the 53rd Air Force Reserve Weather Recon Squadron have reported surface winds of 71.3mph SW of the circulation center. Higher sustained winds are likely to be found North of the circulation center. It looks like Beryl has an increasing chance of becoming a Hurricane prior to landfall." radar of Tropical Storm Beryl approaching Florida

This just in from Forecaster Jason Isaacs, on Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast: Winds are sustained at 25 mph with gusts frequently reaching 42 mph. Jason is representing our  Georgia and Tropical Teams on a special storm chase to the coast to catch on-site video and footage for you. Keep checking our Tropical Zone page on Facebook for the latest updates on this developing situation. 
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Collaboration Across The Nation

2:00 PM EDT 5/27/12 As we head into the second half of the Memorial weekend, the weather is growing increasingly challening for some along the Southeast coast. Our multi-state Tropical Team has been regularly updating on Tropical Storm Beryl, led by Director Daniel Ross in Atlanta, Georgia. Below is a composite image of the current radar, satellite and NHC warnings prepared by Forecaster Mark Ingalls. 

BERYL BARRELS TO THE COAST - Tropical Storm Beryl is still churning off of the Georgia coast as it slides SW around 10 mph, with maxium sustained winds of 65 mph. Our  team expects landfall just south of Jacksonville, Florida between 7-10 pm this evening. For more specific details on this event and team forecasts. please visit our Tropical page on this site or our Tropical Zone on Facebookwhich is updated every 1-2 hours as the storm approaches. Our overview of timing for the event:
  • Outer bands of rain and thunderstorms will begin to impact our Southern Georgia zone this afternoon, followed by our readers in Central Florida and to the Florida Panhandle zone. 
  • For Memorial Day, we expect rather unfortunate conditions for those areas, as Beryl will bring heavy rain and high winds gusting near 40 mph in affected areas along her path. 

SEVERE THREAT ON SUNDAY  While the tropics are challenging our team along the coast, Storm Chaser Joey Krastel is leading his group, NimbusStorms in a chase across the Central Plains, and snapped this tornado photo in southern Nebraska. You can follow Forecaster Joey's results on Twitter ( For Joey's trip and residents alike, the main threat for severe weather on Sunday will be across portions of the northern Plains, from northern Kansas through eastern Nebraska, western Iowa and into Minnesota. We may need to look out for the usual threats that come with strong storms.

HOT, HOT and MORE HOT - This weekend is continuing to feel much like some summer weather across much of the eastern half of the country. 90s will be the rule across much of the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys with some very significant heat across some of the Midwest. Chicago may have a shot into the mid to upper 90s with high humidity sending heat indices well over 100º. Just to the north in the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Wisconsin we may see highs into the lower 90s with some mid 90s close to the Illinois border with a dry break from Saturday's storms.  

SOUTHWEST FIRE CONCERNS - The threat is not quite as significant as the potential for wildfires to develop on Saturday, but we still have to be on the lookout for those conditions across portions of New Mexico and Colorado mainly with dry conditions, low humidity, and strong winds. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay tuned for more multi-state reports.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

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A Weekend Of Remembrance

By Fusion Photographer Emily Rund

9:15 AM EDT 5/26/12 (Forecasters Mike N. & Mr. Foot) – On this Saturday of sunshine in the East, storminess out West and tropical trouble in the Southeast, our team is also marking special tributes to those in our families and communities whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and our freedom. Share with us the innovative ways you and your family will be marking this Memorial Weekend. Let any of our local teams in Facebook know what this holiday means to you.

With Memorial Day Weekend also the "unofficial" start of the summer season for many, let’s take a look at where summer will be coming in strong, and where it will be hanging on the sidelines. 

TROPICS HEAT UP AGAIN – As of 11:00 PM last night, National Hurricane Center has announced that Subtropical Storm Beryl has formed east of the South Carolina coast. This does pose a threat to land, so please monitor the latest official statements from the NHC, and analysis posted in Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone for all of the latest updates. Our forecast zones in Facebook to be affected include:

THE LAND SPRING FORGOT? – In the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, it seems as though Spring has left us behind. On Saturday and Sunday, these areas will surely feel the warmth in many places! Showers and thunderstorms will be isolated across the region but humidity will be very high combined with highs in the 80s to near 90 up the I-95 Corridor, but a little cooler into the Appalachian Mountains. The Central New Jersey zone will be warming into the mid to upper 80s for anyone heading to the Jersey shore to start the holiday weekend. Still, the team will be on the alert for any storms, even though they will not be widespread. 

WHERE SUMMER IS FULL-ON  From Texas to Illinois to Florida, it will almost feel like July out there as you get your Saturday plans started. Places in Texas have a chance to hit 100º once again, and this may also stretch northward, but be isolated there. Elsewhere, 90s will be the rule all the way up the lower Mississippi River Valley. In our Kansas City Metro zone, we will be looking at highs reaching the lower 90s, with very high humidity. The National Weather Service in Indiana has already issued Heat Advisories in anticipation of excessively warm temperatures combined with high humidity levels. Check with your local zones to see where you will be!

"WINTER" STORM WARNINGS? – A very sharp temperature gradient setting up over this region of the country will have some in the Northern Plains wondering where is this “summer” we speak of. While areas in central Nebraska could hit around 90º, portions of South Dakota may be capped in the 50s for highs on Saturday, and believe it or not, Winter Storm Warnings persist in Montana! Showers and thunderstorms will also be possible across a large area of the northern Plains. Still some areas may need to watch for storms to become strong or severe, especially on the border between the hot/cold air masses around southern Minnesota and surrounding areas. 

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER  – The SPC has warned of an extreme risk for wildfires across portions of northwest New Mexico on Saturday, the critical risk area also extrends across the entire four corners region, including much of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Extremely low humidity, high winds, and no precipitation makes for a very risky fire situation in that region this weekend. 

Enjoy the summer if you have it this weekend, but make sure to stay tuned because some very unusual things are in the mix in the Atlantic! Have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

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Welcoming The Weekend 
And A New Partner!

2:30 PM EDT 5/25/12 (Forecasters Mike & Mr. Foot) - On this Happy Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, our team is excited to unveil to our readers in Central Maryland a new partnership with the Bel Air Downtown Alliance of Harford County, MD. This innovative step for local weather provides specialized "fusion forecasting" and decision support services for events and venues in and around the business district of this vibrant, up-and-coming community. For more details, please visit this special report on the Bel Air Downtown Alliance website, or the press release from our Maryland Team. 

If you're in the Central Maryland area next Friday, take the evening and come visit the great family activities, excellent local fare and live music at the June 1 "First Friday" event. Look for us wearing the "Epic blue" tshirt and hope to see you there!  

Finally Friday

5:30 AM EDT 5/25/12 (Forecaster Mike N._) Although the holiday weekend ahead is straight ahead, and many folks are looking to take a break, the weather sure won't be.  We're expecting a pretty wild weekend coming around the country with quite a variety of weather from coast to coast. Here's our regional roundup.

Severe Threat - The threat for some severe weather around the country will be diminished on Friday when compared to earlier this week. There will be a large area of isolated thunderstorms stretching across portions of the Ohio Valley and the Mid-Atlantic as well as into portions of the Midwest. Storms will not be very widespread but are possible across a large area of the country. Areas we need to watch include areas including  Three Rivers of Pittsburgh, Metro Chicago and Southeast Wisconsin, where scattered thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon. 

Hot Hot Hot in the South - Gulf moisture is flooding the southeast, and lots of sunshine will heat up the south from Texas to Florida significantly on Friday! Highs could be in the 90s across a large portion of the south, including the Southern Georgia Zone with plentiful 80s as well stretching up towards the Great Lakes. 90s will try to leak up the Mississippi River and stretch into the Ohio River Valley, with high humidity levels making it feel even warmer. 

Wild out West - We have two completely different stories in the northwest/southwest heading into our Friday. Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings have been issued for portions of Montana as a cold storm may actually bring in some (very) late season snowfall to the regions! In the southwest, gusty winds, extremely low humidity, and warm temperatures will make for another critical fire risk across the region, including states such as Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and western Texas. 

Tropical UpdateOur Tropical Team reports that yet another system is brewing off the Southeast coast before the start of hurricane season? It is a possibility that we see the second tropical system before hurricane season even starts. The NHC has given an area of low pressure over the Bahamas a 60% of development over the next 48 hours. The Tropical Team will be keeping a very close eye on this because of its proximity to the United States coastline. Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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"Hold on for one more day..."
- Lyrics from Hold On, 1990 single by Wilson Phillips

Rainbows are waiting for you at end of the workweek
Photo credit: Central Maryland Team of Foot's Forecast

8:30 AM EDT 5/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Much of the weather around the country will be remaining similar to the early part of the week with some minor changes coming through the country. But the best part about ANY Thursday is this one little phrase that anyone can say, right now, anywhere in the world: "Tomorrow is FRIDAY!"

Unsettled in the East - We have another chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms across the eastern portions of the country into our Thursday, including the Foot's Forecast | Potomac Ridge & Valley zone. There is a low chance for storms to become severe, but we will keep you updated in the local zones if there are any changes. There may be some breaks of sunshine, which will add fuel to any storms combined with continued high humidity levels. 

Cool and stormy Plains - The Northern Plains will see much cooler temperatures on Thursday when compared to earlier this week as cooler air will be allowed to come south behind the front. Along the front we do have another risk for some severe weather to develop, bringing potentially heavy rain, winds and possibly hail to the region from northern Missouri through Iowa, Wisconsin, western Illinois, and Minnesota. Be on the look out for any flood concerns or severe concerns throughout the day on Thursday! 

Southern sizzle  - Texas will be gripped by extreme heat once again, with highs climbing over 100º in some places, with widespread 90s elsewhere and 80s heading up into the Central Great Lakes region. We do also expect some high humidity levels, which will make it feel even warmer. Areas around the Foot's Forecast | Central Mississippi in the upper 80s or lower 90s, quite the warm one! 

Playing with fire - We are cooling down slightly in the southwestern portion of the country, but gusty winds across the desert will make for a significant fire threat across portions of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Here we have the opposite of the east - high winds and low humidity levels with no precipitation, which unfortunately makes for a difficult fire situation. In the Northwest, we have to look for some cooler temperatures, with widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. Have a great Thursday! 

Pink in the West - Red Flag Warning
Green in the northern Plains - Flood Watch/Warnin

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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One more day until you can say
"Tomorrow is Friday!"

9:45 AM EDT 5/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Heating up on Wednesday - We are warming up around the country, in regard to both temperature and storm potential heading toward the important Memorial Day weekend. Our regional roundup of weather impacts for today as follows:  

SEVERE THREAT - The front in the plains is moving eastward as noted in the regional NWS radar above. This will push the primary location for severe weather to the central and northern Plains. We may have to be on the look out from northern Kansas, through Nebraska, Iowa, and into Minnesota.  

STORMY EAST  - There is plenty of moisture and thus fuel for the storms along the east coast. While they won't be too strong and not too widespread either, we do have to watch for scattered showers and thunderstorms stretching from Florida into New England. One area included in this is covered by the Foot's Forecast | East Tennessee zone, so stay tuned for the latest in your local zones!  

WARMING TEMPERATURES - in the Southern Plains and into the western Great Lakes region, nice weather will dominate! However, many places will be very warm and humid. Some places in west Texas may surpass 100º while 90s will be common across the rest of Texas, and 80s heading up a corridor to Illinois. As the front gradually moves through the plains, heat will build out in front, and we may have to watch for warming conditions in the east by the weekend. 

TROPICAL UPDATE - Tropical Storm Alberto is no more at this time, after being downgraded to a tropical depression late Monday evening. As of Tuesday afternoon, the storm system no longer possesses characteristics of a tropical system. For the next threats as we get closer to hurricane season, stay tuned to the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Remembering Joplin

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times in this lead story on the town's turnaround

6:30 AM EDT 5/22/12 (Forecaster Mike) Tuesday is the one year anniversary of the catastrophic Joplin tornado that devastated the town of Joplin, MO on May 22nd, 2011. We will be commemorating the day and honoring the lives lost that tragic afternoon throughout the day tomorrow in the Central Maryland Foot's Forecast zone. If you have any stories about the day, please don't hesitate to share them with us. 

Joplin's Weather - Around much of the central Plains and Midwest, the anniversary will be quite calm and nice! Humidity levels won't be too oppressive and highs in the upper 70s can be expected around Joplin. Areas to the south and west may get a bit warmer with a chance of showers around central Texas and Oklahoma. 

Wet/Stormy in the East - The severe threat is relatively low, but we do have a widespread chance for some scattered drizzle and rain showers. Showers and possibly storms may be on the way for the entire east coast from the Foot's Forecast | Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone to the Foot's Forecast | Metro New York zone. In between, stay tuned to your local zones for details on the temperatures, humidity, and rainfall totals. 

Wet Northwest/Hot Southwest - The Desert Southwest will be frying with highs into the 100s in places again and sunshine returning. However, the northwest will have widespread showers and possibly storms once again, with cloud cover and cooler temperatures, making quite a contrast with the south. 

Tropical Storm Alberto, which is still very weak with winds of 40 mph as it moves to the east at 8 mph and completes its turn check in with the team at the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone. Stay tuned for the latest and have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

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Wet Week Ahead
Hope For The Weekend

Current NOAA water vapor imagery & Flash loop of the eastern U.S.

8:40 AM EDT 5/21/12 (Forecaster Mike & the U.S. Team) Wet Week Ahead - Besides the Southwest quadrant of the nation, much of the nation will be seeing some wet weather through the next three days or so. The Solar Eclipse is winding down in the west now, but please share any pictures you may have taken, or maybe something from a friend! 

WIMPY ALBERTO - If you take a look at this satellite image attached to this update, you can see how wimpy Tropical Storm Alberto looks on this imagery. While this would be a non-story if it were September, this is noteworthy because it is still May, before the actual start of Hurricane Season. This is the earliest start to a Hurricane Season since 2003. Currently, Alberto is located off the coast of Georgia and is packing winds of 45 mph as it slides to the SW at 6 mph. Stay in tune with the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone for the latest on everything Alberto! 

MID-ATLANTIC MOISTURE - This is not associated with Alberto, but we still have Atlantic moisture entering into the east coast, and starting up some shower activity as we head into our Monday. Areas like the Foot's Forecast | Central Virginia may have to watch for wet weather and some thunderstorms possible as well. Stay tuned to your local zones to hear if you will be affected by wet weather to start the new week! 

GET THE BEST BY GOING WEST - One area that will be seeing some nice weather on Monday is a huge area from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, with Chicago on the fringe. This does however, exclude the Pacific Northwest as showers and clouds will take away from the sunshine. The desert southwest will be frying into the 100s. With the exception of some clouds/thunderstorms around west Texas, east New Mexico, and southern Colorado, sunshine will dominate here with warm temperatures. 

Check back for the latest in the next few days!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

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About Alberto 
and the week ahead

Latest NOAA water vapor imagery shows large areas of moisture around Alberto (white and blue), 
but not directly associated with the weak tropical storm. The reddish-brown regions are dry air.

8:30 PM EDT 5/20/12 Tropical Storm Alberto formed off the Georgia/South Carolina coast Saturday afternooon and is expected to slowly make its way up the Atlantic coast this week. It is currently forecast to remain off shore. Depending on the exact timing and track...wind, rain, and high surf could be possible Tuesday evening and into Wednesday, particularly along portions of the Virginia and Maryland coasts and in locations like southern Ocean City, MD

Please stay with us for local coverage and the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone for updates. (Posted by Meteorologist & Oceanographer Alex Davies in our Mid-Atlantic Surf & Sail Zone)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Calm Sunday, interesting Tropics

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 Calm Sunday, interesting Tropics

11:00 AM EDT 5/20/12 (Forecaster Nikki & The Tropical Team) Tropical Storm Alberto has weakened a little and the Air Force Reconnaissance will be further investigating it this afternoon. 
  • As of 11AM, Alberto is about 90 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina and 90 miles East-Southeast of Savannah, Georgia. 
  • Winds have decreased down to 45 mph with a minimum central pressure of 1000mb. Alberto continues to move West-Southwest around 6mph, expecting to slow down and have little movement through Monday. 
Additional details on our team analysis for this storm can be found in the Tropical Zone on Facebook. Meteorologist and Advisor Mike Mogil in Naples, FL has an interesting twist on the scientific data about Alberto in his morning post on

Start your engines?

8:00 PM EDT 5/19/12 (Forecaster Nikki & The Tropical Team) While many along the East coast are reveling in the nice weather, enjoying high school proms or Preakness dinner parties, the tropics have sparked a little pre-season surprise. While you were out, Tropical Storm Alberto decided to stop over early. 

  • As of 6:50 PM, the National Hurricane Center updated Tropical Storm Alberto's status, with maximum sustained winds of 60mph and a minimum central pressure of 995mb. The storm is moving Southwest at 3 mph. radar of the Southeast showing Alberto's circulation

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? While Alberto is a stronger cyclone than originally estimated, as of now, little change in strength is expected over the next few days. 

Be sure to stay tuned for an updated forecast on Alberto later this evening.