Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maryland Team of Foot's Forecast 
announces partnership with the 
Bel Air Downtown Alliance 

Fusion Forecaster Evan wants to see YOU at the next First Friday! 

June 2012 (Baltimore, MD) The Maryland Team of Foot's Forecast is excited to announce our newest "Fusion Forecasting" partnership with the Bel Air Downtown Alliance ( of Harford County, Maryland. This innovative partnership will provide a full range of forecasting and promotion services to the Bel Air Downtown Alliance (, including:
  • Targeted "Fusion Forecasts" and promotion of First Fridays ( – Harford County’s BEST block party, held May through October - in our Central Maryland page on Facebook
  • Forecasting for the Outdoor Movies in Shamrock Park ( with TWO movies in June, TWO movies in July, and TWO movies in August.
  • Event Decision Support both on-line and on-site to keep event planners, bands and the public informed of informed of impending hazards or risk periods.
  • Wide-Angle Promotion of major events such as the epic Maryland State BBQ Bash ( coming up August 10-11, with customized forecast graphics, videos and advertisement of the event across our eastern U.S. zones. 
A portion of proceeds from the Bel Air Downtown Alliance ( partnership will be designated for competitive tuition grants and scholarships for eligible high school students in Foot's Forecast majoring in science or mathematics at an accredited two- or four-year post-secondary institution. 

Members of our Decision Support Team in Ocean City, MD at the
2012 Maryland Emergency Management Association Conference
The Maryland Team of Foot's Forecast is led by Nikki Byers, State Team Leader and advised by a cadre of scientists, meteorologists and educators across the state. The Bel Air Forecast Team will be led by Forecaster Mike Natoli, a life-long Harford County resident and student studying Atmospheric Science at the University of Maryland's College Park campus starting this fall. The team includes:
  • Lead Advisor & Founder Rich Foot
  • Director of Team Operations Aaron Salter
  • Central Maryland Lead Forecaster Connor Meehan
  • Severe Weather Forecaster Jason Mitchell
  • Director of Strategic Media Diandre Williams 
For more information about the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, contact Scott Walker, Executive Director of the Bel Air Downtown Alliance ( at or for Foot's Forecast, contact Keith Krichinsky, Chief Operating Officer at

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