Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Wagon Chasin' Weekend

2:25 PM EDT 5/16/12 (Forecaster Greg J. - Pittsburgh PA) Since there is so much beautiful weather on the way through the weekend today, we'd like to remind of our special feature called "Wednesday and the Weekend" Each Wednesday, our different zones around the country feature events happening in their area with the forecast. 

The student forecasters of our Three Rivers Zone in Pittsburgh have this "Fusion Forecast" for an event this weekend, featuring the 3rd annual National Road Festival "Chase the Wagon" 5k Run/Walk. For the full forecast of that event, and details on this celebration of Pennsylvania history, please visit the Three Rivers to get more details. 

A Day of Transition

8:00 AM EDT 5/16/12 (Forecaster Mike) - The weather is changing from the pattern the first half of the week, to a new trend for the second half. Some are going from soggy to sunny, while others are taking the opposite trend. 

Rain, Thunderstorms, Severe, Fog... Etc. - Moisture from the south will continue to flood the east coast on Wednesday, although those batches of heavy rain will not be as widespread as they were on Tuesday. The severe threat will be primarily over New England, but a some scattered thunderstorms may slip southward into the Foot's Forecast | Metro New York zone during the afternoon hours. Another area to watch is the Outer Banks ( where thunderstorms and locally heavy rain is possible. Stay tuned to your local zones to see if you have a thunderstorm threat on Wednesday! 

Beautiful in the Middle (Again!) - Can you get sick of nice weather? It may get boring sometimes for us forecasters, but the streak of sunshine and spring-like temperatures is surely enjoyable. There may be some isolated storms along the Ohio River, but sunshine will still be plentiful with highs in the 70s and 80s stretching from El Paso to Atlanta to Minneapolis! 

Slight changes in the West - Sunshine will still be the dominant feature in this region of the country but the beginnings of a change are starting to be seen. For example, the Foot's Forecast | Central Colorado zone may have to be on the look out for some isolated thunderstorms, but the concern is relatively low. The majority of the west will remain with very nice conditions! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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