Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Extreme Way To End May

9:20 AM EDT 5/31/12 (Forecaster Mike) 

Severely Significant: A low pressure system is starting to organize itself out of the storms that rolled through Oklahoma Wednesday. As we head into Thursday, this low pressure center will drop a cold front southward, and cause the concern for severe weather once again. One of the primary areas of risk is the Foot's Forecast | Central Mississippi as storms arrive there later in the day. 

No-So-Tropical Storm Beryl: As of 5 pm EDT on Wednesday, Beryl no longer has the characteristics in order to qualify it as a tropical storm. Even though the winds have actually increased, prolonged exposure to land and cold water has caused the system to transition to the "extratropical" phase. Hurricane Season officially begins in less than 24 hours, but we are already saying goodbye to two tropical systems! As we head closer to the heart of hurricane season, make sure you are staying tuned to the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone

Hot Southeast: Out ahead of the cold front, heat will dominate regions like the Foot's Forecast | Charlotte & The Metrolina zone where we can anticipiate highs climbing up around 90ยบ. Widespread 90s will be common place across much of the southeast as high humidity builds as well. 

Where It's Beautiful! Areas like the Foot's Forecast | Virginia Tidewater zone and the Foot's Forecast | Central Pennsylvania zone will have an absolutely beautiful end to the month of May! Highs will be in the 60s, 70s, and 80s all across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country, but be sure to check into your local zone for exact details on the temperatures! 

Flirting With Records Massive heat will return to the southwest on Thursday as the ridge of highs pressure builds across the region. Excessive Heat Warnings have already been issued for SE California and SW Arizona because of temperatures heading well into the 100s on Thursday. The rest of the Southwest will be close to some records as well, but their records just aren't as warm! 

Have a wonderful Thursday and stay tuned for the latest!

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