Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Your Summer On

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. 
Maybe the next shot we feature will be of you?

8:30 AM EDT 5/2/12 (Forecaster Foot & Meteorologist Alex Davies) For all the boaters, sailors and surfers out there, our Bayshore Crew* is pumped to help you transition to your second passion. As part of our Wednesdays & The Weekend promotion, we are officially announcing our newly released "Surf & Sail" zone for the Mid-Atlantic Shore*, launched as a *Facebook page for starters until content is made available on the main site.

Want to be part of this historic step toward the sea? We're looking for high school or college students passionate about all things wind and water. Know how to close haul ? Maybe this is the summer you'll pull a barrel roll? Either way, we bet you have a SmartPhone and a smart eye for the weather. Wouldn't it be cool to do photography or local reports for us, right from the beach or boat? (Photo: Our very own Forecaster Aaron, a life-long surfer, contemplating the waves in Ocean City, MD)

Learn more about the qualifications of our Surf & Sail crew on the site, and read Advisor Alex's latest update for conditions this weekend at the Ocean City, Maryland SpringFest. It's time to get your summer on...

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