Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Here comes the sun."
- 1969 single written by George Harrison of The Beatles

4:55 PM EDT 5/10/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) As the cold front and low pressure system move away from the eastern seaboard, much of the country is left with wonderful weather, or at least improved weather for Thursday, with a few important exceptions. As noted below, portions of South Texas are really under fire with Tornado Watches, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Flood Warnings.  

Cloudy skies have dominated the eastern seaboard the last few days, but that is just about over! In regions like our Virginia Tidewater, we will see a welcome return of sunshine that will last into the weekend ahead with very comfortable highs into the lower 70s. Other than the areas previously mentioned above, sunshine will dominate Thursday from South Florida & The Keys to Seattle & The Sound. The picture? That is called the "Analemma" and it's an intriguing topic to explore in science class if you like.

TEXAS DELUGE - Rainfall moving through south Texas will drop some very significant rainfall totals that could actually put a serious dent in the LONG term drought across the region! This will come with the price of some thunderstorms that may become severe across the state. Please see below the NOAA map for a look at some of the astounding totals expected by 8 pm Friday! 

THE COAST IS ALMOST CLEAR these rainfall totals will dwarf in comparison, but some scattered showers are possible over Montana and into the Dakotas, as well as in New England while this storm system departs. Some trailing impacts of this coastal low pressure will still linger into our Thursday across portions of New England. 

Enjoy your Thursday everyone, tomorrow is Friday!

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