Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Hold on for one more day..."
- Lyrics from Hold On, 1990 single by Wilson Phillips

Rainbows are waiting for you at end of the workweek
Photo credit: Central Maryland Team of Foot's Forecast

8:30 AM EDT 5/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Much of the weather around the country will be remaining similar to the early part of the week with some minor changes coming through the country. But the best part about ANY Thursday is this one little phrase that anyone can say, right now, anywhere in the world: "Tomorrow is FRIDAY!"

Unsettled in the East - We have another chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms across the eastern portions of the country into our Thursday, including the Foot's Forecast | Potomac Ridge & Valley zone. There is a low chance for storms to become severe, but we will keep you updated in the local zones if there are any changes. There may be some breaks of sunshine, which will add fuel to any storms combined with continued high humidity levels. 

Cool and stormy Plains - The Northern Plains will see much cooler temperatures on Thursday when compared to earlier this week as cooler air will be allowed to come south behind the front. Along the front we do have another risk for some severe weather to develop, bringing potentially heavy rain, winds and possibly hail to the region from northern Missouri through Iowa, Wisconsin, western Illinois, and Minnesota. Be on the look out for any flood concerns or severe concerns throughout the day on Thursday! 

Southern sizzle  - Texas will be gripped by extreme heat once again, with highs climbing over 100ยบ in some places, with widespread 90s elsewhere and 80s heading up into the Central Great Lakes region. We do also expect some high humidity levels, which will make it feel even warmer. Areas around the Foot's Forecast | Central Mississippi in the upper 80s or lower 90s, quite the warm one! 

Playing with fire - We are cooling down slightly in the southwestern portion of the country, but gusty winds across the desert will make for a significant fire threat across portions of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Here we have the opposite of the east - high winds and low humidity levels with no precipitation, which unfortunately makes for a difficult fire situation. In the Northwest, we have to look for some cooler temperatures, with widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. Have a great Thursday! 

Pink in the West - Red Flag Warning
Green in the northern Plains - Flood Watch/Warnin

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