Sunday, May 27, 2012

Was Beryl Becoming A Hurricane?

11:00 PM EDT  5/27/12 (Forecaster Shundra Stewart) Beryl is still a tropical storm as it pushes onshore near Jacksonville, FL. The winds are still at 70 mph with the central pressure having increased to 993mb. The storm is slowing as it moves west at 7 mph.

  • Beryl is only 35 miles east of Jacksonville, FL. We could see heavy rain, strong winds, tides 3' or greater above normal and flooded roadways as Beryl makes landfall in the next hour or two. 
  • 15 foot seas has been reported east of Fernandina Beach, FL. The Ocean Prediction Center reported wave heights of 21 feet at the center.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds will continue throughout the night for FL and GA, producing additonal power outages throughout the area.
TROPICAL STORM WARNING continues from Volusia/Brevard county line in FL to Edisto Beach, SC.
9:30 PM EDT 5/27/12  (Forecasters Mark) Latest reports from Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that Beryl had 90kt winds at flight level, which suggests near 75 mph winds at the surface. This data suggests Beryl could have become a hurricane just prior to landfall. This system is the first time since Hurricane David in 1979 that a tropical cyclone has struck this portion of the Georgia/Florida coast. The latest impacts as of 9:30 PM.
  • Power Outages: More than 2000 customers just North of St. Augustine Airport.
  • Winds at Jacksonville Naval Air Station reported at 30 mph sustained. On Jekyll Island in Georgia Forecaster Jason I. is reporting winds of 35mph, gusting to 50mph.
  • Kings Bay Naval Sub Base is reporting wind gusts of up to 60 mph.
  • Matthews Bridge in Jacksonville, which carries Alt US 90, is CLOSED.
  • Power outages are being reported on both Jekyll and St Simon's Islands in Georgia 

    Remember that you can upload both pictures and videos of the storm straight to our Facebook page for the Tropical Zone. Please stay safe while taking these.

8:08 PM EDT 5/27/12 (Forecaster Shundra) BERYL CLOSE TO HURRICANE STRENGTH | Beryl is still a Tropical Storm but very close to a hurricane. As of the 8 PM Advisory, winds have increased to 70mph and its central pressure has now dropped to 992mb. Beryl is still moving to the west @ 10mph. TS Beryl is currently 75 miles east of Jacksonville, FL and 95 miles Southeast of Brunswick, GA. The latest storm impacts:
  • A TROPICAL STORM WARNING continues for Volusia/Brevard County line Florida to Edisto Beach South Carolina.
  • A State of Emergency has been declared for Jacksonville, FL and some beaches have been closed in FL because of the high tides and surfs. This will continue throughout the night as TS Beryl pushes inland.
  • In Georgia, 2,760 customers w/out power in coastal Ga from TS Beryl; 2,080 in Savannah; 400 in Brunswick. Crews working to restore power.
7:05 PM EDT 5/27/12  (Forecaster Nikki & The Tropical TeamAs Tropical Storm Beryl inches closer to the Florida/Georgia coast, the waters have become decidely more rough  Power outages, flooding, and gusty winds up to hurricane strength remain likely for Northeastern Florida and parts of Southeastern Georgia. Heavy rains have been moving closer to I-95, with the worst of conditions right along the coast, with the bulk of the heaviest rain moving in overnight tonight. 

Some strengthening is possible before landfall as Hurricane Hunter aircraft reported winds in the lower left quadrants to be 71 mph.Current winds in parts of Florida include Brunswick and Fernandina at 35 mph, St. Augustine at 28 mph and Palm Coast at 29 mph. Tropical Storm Warnings continue for Volusia/Brevard County line Florida to Edisto Beach South Carolina. 

Photo from Forecaster Jason Isaacs on Jekyll Island along the Georgia  Coast
Our own Forecaster Jason Isaacs from the Tropical Team is currently on site at Jekyll Island along Georgia's Barrier Islands, reporting on conditions and submitting photos for the team. Check our Tropical Zone page on Facebook or the main site for additional details on Beryl. 

5:45 PM EDT 5/27/12 | COULD SHE BE A HURRICANE BEFORE LANDFALL? A recent report from Meteorologist Randall J. of our Tropical Team: 
"Hurricane Hunters from the 53rd Air Force Reserve Weather Recon Squadron have reported surface winds of 71.3mph SW of the circulation center. Higher sustained winds are likely to be found North of the circulation center. It looks like Beryl has an increasing chance of becoming a Hurricane prior to landfall." radar of Tropical Storm Beryl approaching Florida

This just in from Forecaster Jason Isaacs, on Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast: Winds are sustained at 25 mph with gusts frequently reaching 42 mph. Jason is representing our  Georgia and Tropical Teams on a special storm chase to the coast to catch on-site video and footage for you. Keep checking our Tropical Zone page on Facebook for the latest updates on this developing situation. 

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