Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Let's get it started, in here..."
- YouTube link to hit by Black Eyed Peas, in 2004 album Elephunk

7:30 AM EDT 5/01/12 (Forecaster Mike) Your ticket to getting May started is to simply describe the April that was by filling in the blank here ____________. (long pause). Not as easy as it looks eh? Some are finally getting last month's showers that was supposed to bring this month's flowers, except that many of those flowers already bloomed due to the warm Spring! That's one of many examples of the variable weather pattern as we head into May. So we'll get it started with our daily regional roundup. 

SIZZLING IN THE SOUTHEAST - Our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone is reporting that large sections the region may once again see highs in the upper 80s or even lower 90s. This will not be nearly as extreme as the heat over Texas a few days ago, but considering that we are not in the summer months yet, it is an uncommon way for them to start May. 

STORMY ON THE RIVERFRONT-  Stay tuned to our Ohio Valley Severe Weather page for updates in that region, as showers and storms may be moving in from the Midwest where Flash Flood Watches and Warnings are already posted. Overall, scattered showers and storms will stretch all the way from Texas to Lake Erie, with some severe areas possible in between. 

SO-SO IN THE CITIES - A cloudy, rainy but mild start to May for places like Baltimore, as noted on our Central Maryland zone. The cooler weather trend that has been holding strong in the Northeast for a few days now will be pushed back, as places that were in the chilly 50s and 60s on Monday are now moving into the 70s for remainder of the week.

SHOWERY IN THE SOUND  - Those in the Pacific Northwest and our Seattle & The Sound zone will see a return of the wet weather to the region. The southwest will stay dry once again, but the heat will be lessened with more typical temperatures for this time of year. 

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