Friday, May 4, 2012

May The Fourth Be With You
- International Star Wars Day 

1:05 PM EDT 5/4/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Happy Fusion Friday! Many around the country will be seeing a wild fourth of May before Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Today is also known as Star Wars Day! So here is our "Imperial forecast" for Friday, the fourth of May! 

"I've got a bad feeling about this" 
Another day of widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms is likely across the country on Friday. We'll have to look out for storms stretching from the Upper Midwest into the Central Plains, across the Ohio Valley, and into the Mid-Atlantic. Another hub of storms is possible across central Texas. Don't expect a washout day in any one area, because these will be largely flaring up because of the abundance of warm, humid air east of the Rockies. One of the metros to watch closely is in our Southeast Pennsylvania zone, which covers the Philadelphia metro. Stay tuned to your local zones for any quick updates you may need to hear on possible severe weather. 

Hot as Tatooine out there
The only big difference is of course the excessive humidity across the eastern half of the nation. Otherwise, you may feel like pod-racing with the highs in the 80s stretching from Arizona to Nebraska to New Jersey. Some areas like our Central Mississippi zone, led by Meteorologist Shundra Stewart, may have a shot at 90º. So much warmth is over portions of Texas on Friday, that some areas may top 100º across the state. 

Cold as snow-covered Hoth?
Well not quite - While much of the country is in the above average territory a few areas will be cooler than average. These will be mainly concentrated at each corner of the nation, in Northern New England, as well as the Pacific Northwest. Those in our Seattle & The Sound zone may be feeling like they have been on Kamino rather than Hoth. While showers will not be as common on Friday, another day with scattered wet weather is likely. 

Have a wonderful Friday and May the fourth be with you!

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