Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One more day until you can say
"Tomorrow is Friday!"

9:45 AM EDT 5/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Heating up on Wednesday - We are warming up around the country, in regard to both temperature and storm potential heading toward the important Memorial Day weekend. Our regional roundup of weather impacts for today as follows:  

SEVERE THREAT - The front in the plains is moving eastward as noted in the regional NWS radar above. This will push the primary location for severe weather to the central and northern Plains. We may have to be on the look out from northern Kansas, through Nebraska, Iowa, and into Minnesota.  

STORMY EAST  - There is plenty of moisture and thus fuel for the storms along the east coast. While they won't be too strong and not too widespread either, we do have to watch for scattered showers and thunderstorms stretching from Florida into New England. One area included in this is covered by the Foot's Forecast | East Tennessee zone, so stay tuned for the latest in your local zones!  

WARMING TEMPERATURES - in the Southern Plains and into the western Great Lakes region, nice weather will dominate! However, many places will be very warm and humid. Some places in west Texas may surpass 100ยบ while 90s will be common across the rest of Texas, and 80s heading up a corridor to Illinois. As the front gradually moves through the plains, heat will build out in front, and we may have to watch for warming conditions in the east by the weekend. 

TROPICAL UPDATE - Tropical Storm Alberto is no more at this time, after being downgraded to a tropical depression late Monday evening. As of Tuesday afternoon, the storm system no longer possesses characteristics of a tropical system. For the next threats as we get closer to hurricane season, stay tuned to the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone!

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