Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summery for "The Third of May" 
- The reknowned oil on canvas by Francisco Goya in 1814

"Looking toward Summer" - by Fusion Photographer Emily
North Carroll High School, Carroll County Public Schools

7:15 AM EDT 5/3/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) This important "Third of May" could be better known as "Summery Thursday"! Much of the East is in a temporary jump-ahead to the summer weather pattern. From heat to humidity to storminess, we have it all this week, although that back door cold front is still dropping temperatures for New England. 

Today's severe weather outlook for damaging winds 

SEVERE RISK - The major area of concern stretches from Northeast Kansas up towards Michigan and Lake Huron. This will be out ahead of a frontal boundary rather than fueled by excess heat and humidity in the atmosphere, but running into the warmth over the region will certainly add to these storms. Outside of that region, a few storms may flare up in the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic, but will likely be more isolated. 

HEAT & HUMIDITY - This is no full-blown summer heat wave, but it is a significant bout of early season warmth. Much of the region east of the Rockies will be into the 80s, with the exception of the northern Plains, and New England. A cold front sneaking backwards into the Northeast, will create some cooler temperatures for those states on Thursday, just like what we saw on Wednesday. Some 90s may even pop up in regions covered by our Charlotte & The Metrolina zone in the Carolinas.

EASE IN THE SOUTHEAST Interestingly, tropical moisture flooding off the Gulf coast will keep slightly cooler temperatures and cloud cover over portions of Alabama on Thursday. Some of these storms could slip into our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone later in the day as well. Forecaster Isaacs has recently posted a long range look at whether or not the warmth will last for the Atlanta region! 

MOUNTAIN SHOWERS Storms in the Pacific Northwest will try to get their act together on Thursday, making for some more widespread showers, including impacts to our Seattle & The Sound zone. While clouds will dominate the northwest, more sunshine is likely in the southwest where we will see temperatures just slightly above normal. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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