Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thanking the teachers among us

Baltimore County, MD Science Teacher Mr. Ryan H. (middle) with 
Diandre Williams, Director of Strategic Media and Forecaster Evan S.

8:15 AM EDT 5/8/12 (Forecaster Foot) What teacher inspired you to strive higher? As part of our recognizing the Parent Teacher Association's (PTA) Teacher Appreciation Week, we wish to give back our thanks to  all the dedicated teachers who made a difference in our lives. If you're looking for the  national lead story, is will be posted in the section below. 

This final, moving scene from Mr. Holland's Opus may be fictional, but it represents the true passion teachers have for their craft, and the humility in which they conquer daily challenges more than we'll ever know. 

(By Forecaster Mike N. of the Central Maryland Team) On the weather side of life, there is good news for those not yet enjoying the abundance of early season heat. Much of the south will see a significant drop in high temperatures today from Monday, and even more considering the 90s experienced in that region on Sunday. 

SEVERE RISKS SHIFT EAST - While the threat for strong to severe storms will be slightly lower across much of the country heading into Tuesday, we still have to watch for a wide swath of scattered showers and thunderstorms stretching from west Texas along the Gulf Coast, the up the Appalachians and the eastern seaboard to New England. Another localized area for storms will be in Minnesota and Wisconsin, largely separate from the other hub of storm activity. Some very significant rainfall is possible for drought stricken West-Texas, an area that has been dry for quite a long time! 

A DETERMINED DROUGHT  Our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone has been hit hard by long term and short term drought. From there into our South Georgia and Florida Panhandle Zones won't see quite as much rain as in Texas, so any thunderstorms will be much welcomed! Highs in the 90s dominated much of the south on Monday, but on Tuesday, 90s will much more to the traditional southern flank of the country. 

COOLER FOR CENTRAL PA For May, it will be downright chilly today in spots of our Central Pennsylvania zone.  Forecaster Zachary reports that "wet weather will continue in Central PA over the next few days with periods of rain to push through the area Tuesday afternoon. High temperatures will only make it into the mid 60s!

GO WEST YOUNG MAN - Sunshine will remain dominant for all the land west of the Rockies again even though clouds sit over the east. Temperatures will be fairly similar to Monday's highs on Tuesday, except for the Pacific Northwest, where a dry cold front will try to bring highs down on Tuesday. Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more!

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