Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tropical-like Tuesday

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7:45 AM EDT 5/29/12 (Forecaster Mike) - The trends of the weekend are starting to change as we head into the new week. Many places saw rather hot and humid conditions making the whole Memorial Day weekend feel like summer, but things will be changing in the next few days. 

BERYL LIVES ON! - As of 11 pm on Monday night, Beryl is a weak Tropical Depression located near the Georgia/Florida border. It is still dropping some heavy rain across portions of our Southern Georgia zone as well as our Central Florida zone. Watches and Warnings are still in effect but Tropical Storm Warnings have expired. Beryl currently has winds of 30 mph which keeps it at Tropical Depression strength. Beryl will be complete its turn around and start heading out to sea, bringing some heavy rainfall along the coastline to the Outer Banks. 

SEVERE THREAT SHIFTS EAST - Much of the Appalachians will be in the risk zone on Tuesday, including our Three Rivers page own to our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone. In between and up towards upstate New York, scattered thunderstorms and rainfall are likely. The east coast may also see threats for storms starting later in the day as the cold front approaches the coast. 

COOLER IN THE PLAINS - With the cold front long gone, we might actually be chilly in the northern Plains. Into the central Plains, it will be slightly cooler, but widespread 80s can't be considered chilly! 

HOTTER THAN A ____ ? - Texas will be in the frying pan once again on Tuesday, with widespread 90s, and chances for 100ยบ. Further east, we can expect highs in the low to mid 90s around our Central Mississippi zone! So the heat will remain strong from Texas to Alabama, and a little bit up the Mississippi River while other surrounding regions will see the heat beat back. 

POLARIZED IN THE WEST - The Northwest will remain slightly unsettled with more cloud cover in place, but then we also have to watch for some scattered showers or thunderstorms across Northern Idaho and Western Montana. Conversely, in the southwest, we have dry, sunny, and hot conditions returning again! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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