Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Weekend Of Remembrance

By Fusion Photographer Emily Rund

9:15 AM EDT 5/26/12 (Forecasters Mike N. & Mr. Foot) – On this Saturday of sunshine in the East, storminess out West and tropical trouble in the Southeast, our team is also marking special tributes to those in our families and communities whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and our freedom. Share with us the innovative ways you and your family will be marking this Memorial Weekend. Let any of our local teams in Facebook know what this holiday means to you.

With Memorial Day Weekend also the "unofficial" start of the summer season for many, let’s take a look at where summer will be coming in strong, and where it will be hanging on the sidelines. 

TROPICS HEAT UP AGAIN – As of 11:00 PM last night, National Hurricane Center has announced that Subtropical Storm Beryl has formed east of the South Carolina coast. This does pose a threat to land, so please monitor the latest official statements from the NHC, and analysis posted in Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone for all of the latest updates. Our forecast zones in Facebook to be affected include:

THE LAND SPRING FORGOT? – In the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, it seems as though Spring has left us behind. On Saturday and Sunday, these areas will surely feel the warmth in many places! Showers and thunderstorms will be isolated across the region but humidity will be very high combined with highs in the 80s to near 90 up the I-95 Corridor, but a little cooler into the Appalachian Mountains. The Central New Jersey zone will be warming into the mid to upper 80s for anyone heading to the Jersey shore to start the holiday weekend. Still, the team will be on the alert for any storms, even though they will not be widespread. 

WHERE SUMMER IS FULL-ON  From Texas to Illinois to Florida, it will almost feel like July out there as you get your Saturday plans started. Places in Texas have a chance to hit 100º once again, and this may also stretch northward, but be isolated there. Elsewhere, 90s will be the rule all the way up the lower Mississippi River Valley. In our Kansas City Metro zone, we will be looking at highs reaching the lower 90s, with very high humidity. The National Weather Service in Indiana has already issued Heat Advisories in anticipation of excessively warm temperatures combined with high humidity levels. Check with your local zones to see where you will be!

"WINTER" STORM WARNINGS? – A very sharp temperature gradient setting up over this region of the country will have some in the Northern Plains wondering where is this “summer” we speak of. While areas in central Nebraska could hit around 90º, portions of South Dakota may be capped in the 50s for highs on Saturday, and believe it or not, Winter Storm Warnings persist in Montana! Showers and thunderstorms will also be possible across a large area of the northern Plains. Still some areas may need to watch for storms to become strong or severe, especially on the border between the hot/cold air masses around southern Minnesota and surrounding areas. 

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER  – The SPC has warned of an extreme risk for wildfires across portions of northwest New Mexico on Saturday, the critical risk area also extrends across the entire four corners region, including much of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Extremely low humidity, high winds, and no precipitation makes for a very risky fire situation in that region this weekend. 

Enjoy the summer if you have it this weekend, but make sure to stay tuned because some very unusual things are in the mix in the Atlantic! Have a great holiday weekend!

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