Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesdays & The Weekend!

The Bel Air, MD Downtown Alliance hosts "First Fridays" from 
May 4 to October with free concerts, artist events and more 

9:30 AM EDT 5/9/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) Well, it took a long time getting here, but the massive cold front is finally winding down its stay in the country! That's welcome news for the many communities and outdoor venue sponsors holding events Friday into the weekend. Community promotions such as "First Fridays" in historic downtown Bel Air, MD are counting on good weather to make its way here. We're glad to report that as the front clears the coast, help is on the way! 

FUSION FORECASTS FOR YOU If you would like  your local event featured in one of our Wednesday & The Weekend promotions, contact us today:

WET WEDNESDAY From the Cape Fear & Carolina Coast up to the Bayshore of Eastern Maryland, and into New England, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be plentiful adding to the wet day. Cloudy skies will be around those region, but be sure to check out the local zones for the details! Another region that will be seeing a cooler day on Wednesday includes southwest Texas, but storms there will be slightly less widespread than they were on Tuesday. 

COOLER FOR THE CROWD - Over the weekend and into Monday, much of the south was frying in much above normal warmth including our Metro Atlanta & North Georgia zone. Some areas will be much cooler as we get some northern air down from Canada behind this cold front passing. Atlanta for example, hit 84ยบ. Tuesday, but may be capped in the mid 70s for our Wednesday. 70s will actually be the dominant range for temperatures across much of the south, with the exception of 80s along the Gulf Coast. Be sure to see your local zone for details on the cool-down! 

CALM IN THE WILD WEST - Most of the country west of the Mississippi will be enjoying calm and dry conditions. If your stopping by Central Mississippi in your trek west, check out our local zone in Jackson, MS by Meteorologist & Forecaster Shundra Stewart. Heading west, a few regions will actually see scattered showers and storms possible in the desert portions of eastern Arizona and New Mexico. 

Have a great Wednesday, just remember-- the weekend is just 2 days away!

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