Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet Week Ahead
Hope For The Weekend

Current NOAA water vapor imagery & Flash loop of the eastern U.S.

8:40 AM EDT 5/21/12 (Forecaster Mike & the U.S. Team) Wet Week Ahead - Besides the Southwest quadrant of the nation, much of the nation will be seeing some wet weather through the next three days or so. The Solar Eclipse is winding down in the west now, but please share any pictures you may have taken, or maybe something from a friend! 

WIMPY ALBERTO - If you take a look at this satellite image attached to this update, you can see how wimpy Tropical Storm Alberto looks on this imagery. While this would be a non-story if it were September, this is noteworthy because it is still May, before the actual start of Hurricane Season. This is the earliest start to a Hurricane Season since 2003. Currently, Alberto is located off the coast of Georgia and is packing winds of 45 mph as it slides to the SW at 6 mph. Stay in tune with the Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone for the latest on everything Alberto! 

MID-ATLANTIC MOISTURE - This is not associated with Alberto, but we still have Atlantic moisture entering into the east coast, and starting up some shower activity as we head into our Monday. Areas like the Foot's Forecast | Central Virginia may have to watch for wet weather and some thunderstorms possible as well. Stay tuned to your local zones to hear if you will be affected by wet weather to start the new week! 

GET THE BEST BY GOING WEST - One area that will be seeing some nice weather on Monday is a huge area from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, with Chicago on the fringe. This does however, exclude the Pacific Northwest as showers and clouds will take away from the sunshine. The desert southwest will be frying into the 100s. With the exception of some clouds/thunderstorms around west Texas, east New Mexico, and southern Colorado, sunshine will dominate here with warm temperatures. 

Check back for the latest in the next few days!

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