Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wet & Wild Wednesday

6:55 AM EDT 5/30/12 (Forecaster Mike) - As the cold front that has been pressing across the country the last few days finally moves out to sea, it will leave behind a very different day on Wednesday when compared to Tuesday and the early week. For many areas, the big difference will be a noticeable drop in temperatures as we arrive through the middle of the week. 

Beryl Going For The U-Turn: Beryl is still a weak Tropical Depression with sustained winds of only 30 mph as it sits over southern Georgia. Heavy Rain is moving along with the system, but it is extremely disorganized. Even though it appears to be falling apart, it is expected to bring very significant rainfall to the Foot's Forecast | Albemarle & Outer Banks zone as well as the Foot's Forecast | Cape Fear & The Carolina Coast zone. As a result, Flood Watches and Warnings extend from the GA/SC border up through the Outer Banks. Also, as Beryl hits the water again, it does have the chance to develop back into a Tropical Storm before being whisked off into the north Atlantic. 

Hot Or Not? This first area encompasses the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley, where temperatures will still be warm, but not nearly the kind of heat we have seen in the days past. After a day of Excessive Heat Warnings and severe thunderstorms, the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Pennsylvania zone will have some welcome relief with decreasing clouds and highs in the lower 80s after a few showers early. This whole area will be out of the 90s on Wednesday, with areas getting to the 80s around the I-95 corridor, but 70s predominating north and west. 

Def More Hot: While the cold front is knocking down the heat in the east, the south will not feel any significant change in terms of a temperature drop. Portions of Texas will still be heading up into the 100s in places, while 90s stretch over most of the state, through Louisiana and Mississippi, and extending along the Gulf Coast. One area that will be feeling the heat combined with strong Florida humidity is the Foot's Forecast | Florida Panhandle zone as we clear out behind the departing Beryl. This whole area will be back into the summer rhythm with plentiful heat available! 

Severely Stormy: Unfortunately, those on the fringe of that "Def More Hot" zone will be in the risk area for some significant severe weather potential. The Storm Prediction Center has stated that there is a moderate risk of storms for a large portion of Kansas and Oklahoma, but also extending into Nebraska and northward, just a lower potential for severe weather. 

Chillin' and Thrillin' Believe it or not, there are Frost Advisories in effect for Northern Minnesota and North Dakota as we head into Wednesday morning. Lows will be diving all the way into the 30s for many places around those states, with really not much warmth building during the day either. For example, the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Wisconsin zone may be seeing highs only in the upper 50s to lower 60s, while Chicago only peaks in the mid 60s. This definitely will not feel like the end of May! 

The West will be very quiet in Wednesday with unsettled conditions winding down in the north, with a slightly lower risk for wildfire in the south. Stay tuned to your local zones and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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