Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Friday, Beautiful Weekend! 
(for some)

10:00 AM 6/8/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Beautiful Friday into a beautiful weekend! The people who have to deal with storms on Friday will be those in the northern and southeastern fringes of the country. Elsewhere across the middle, Friday will be a beautiful day! 

Gulf Coast Showers - Showers and possibly a few storms will be possible across much of the Gulf Coast, unfortunately bringing some wet weather and cloudy conditions to areas like the Foot's Forecast | Central Florida zone. Clouds will also hold high temperatures down below where they normally would be this time of year, keeping portions of central and northern Florida in the 70s or low to mid 80s further south. 

Northern Storms - Showers and storms will also be possible across the northern fringe of the country. This will bring some scattered thunderstorms to portions of New England, as well as the northern Plains. Another concentration of showers will be in the Pacific northwest including the Foot's Forecast | Seattle & The Sound zone where it will be a little chilly as well. 

Lots and Lots of 80s - A pretty significant chunk of the country will be seeing mostly sunny skies combined with highs in the 80s, making for a beautiful end to the work week. Areas like the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Pennsylvania (Philadelphia included) will be enjoying mostly sunny skies combined with highs in the lower 80s. Further southwest in the Foot's Forecast | East Tennessee zone, we wil be looking at sunshine with highs climbing into the general mid 80s, but check in with the local zones for the details! 

Fire Threat Again - The west is still dry, thus we do have a risk for some wildfires across portions of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. Dewpoints are still low, and no rain is in sight for these areas. Stay tuned right here and have a great Friday!

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