Sunday, June 3, 2012

Congrats To Our Grads

7:30 AM 6/3/12 (Forecasters Mike & Mr, Foot) - There will be a lot of unsettled weather around the country, but nothing is expected to be exceptionally strong or severe. While we have a brief respite across the U.S., we wish to pause and recognize this milestone of our many graduating students forecasters, as well as those readers who are also graduating. 

If you are a student pursuing Atmospheric Science, Journalism & Media, Computer Science, Public Relations or any science/outdoor related field...perhaps this is the summer you should join our team!  Click the image to the left and learn how to join us and get epic. 

Troughy Days Ahead - We really felt a difference today compared to the last few across the east with a deep trough starting to set in. A major pattern change has set in, and below average temperatures will be dominating much of the east for the next week. On Sunday, there will be a large area of showers and possibly thunderstorms extending across the Great Lakes and the east, affecting regions like the Foot's Forecast | Three Rivers zone. This will be no where close to the caliber of the storms on Friday, but still something to keep an eye on. 

Cooler and Sunny Southeast - From Florida to Virginia, sunshine will dominate the southeast coast on Sunday, and at least north of South Georgia, it will be a cooler day. For example, the Foot's Forecast | Charlotte & The Metrolina zone will be seeing highs generally in the lower 80s, a rather comfortable day for early June! 

Stormy and Hot in the Plains - There will be no shortage of heat in the Plains from the Foot's Forecast | Central Colorado zone to theFoot's Forecast | Central Mississippi zone. There will be widespread highs in the 90s or even some isolated 100s, with humidity levels building. There is also a slight risk for some severe thunderstorms across portions Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. 

Not as Baking in the West - With highs "only" around 102ยบ in Las Vegas, we will have some very very slight relief from the oppressive heat. Still, much of the desert southwest will be quite the oven once again heading into our Sunday. 
Stay tuned for the latest and have a wonderful Sunday!

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