Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Heat is Coming

7:00 AM 6/19/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Especially across the eastern portions of the country, the weather is taking some major changes over the next few days. From a consistent pattern of cool temperatures, the first major east coast heat wave of the summer 2012 season is going to grip the region on the first official day of Summer!

BEGINNINGS ON TUESDAY – So why will it be so hot this week? You can thank a massive high pressure that will be setting up just off of the east coast on Tuesday. For the last few days, a NE windflow has dominated the east coast. That kind of wind brings in cool and maritime air into the region, moderating our temperatures. However, the opposite SW wind that comes when a high pressure sets up offshore pumps ample hot air into the east coast states and jumps humidity levels as well. For example, Richmond, VA in the Central Virginia zone hit a high of 76º on Monday, well below the average of 87º. However, on Tuesday, we will be heading right back up into the upper 80s around the region. This is only the beginning though because we could be up into the mid 90s on Wednesday. 

IT’S BEEN HOT HERE – For the middle of the country, the hot weather returning on Tuesday is more “been there, done that”. The widespread heat is more of a same old kind of thing, as the heat has been strong here for a while before it overtook the east coast. Tuesday will be not exception from the heat across the Southeast Wisconsin zone where we will be seeing highs jumping into the lower 90s with heat index values even higher. Another interesting aspect of the weather coming on Tuesday is the wind expected. From Texas to Wisconsin, we could easily see south winds at 10-20 mph, with gusts to 30 mph. WIND ADVISORIES are actually in effect for portions of Kansas and Oklahoma, where winds could be from 20-30 mph with gusts to 40 mph! 

NWS Wind Speed and Direction for 5 pm Tuesday 

THE COLD FRONT – There is a cold front that will be bringing some showers and thunderstorms across the country on Tuesday, but it will only be able to touch the Northern Plains at this point. Highs will be rather cool across North Dakota behind the front, one of the only places in the country that will be cool. Along the front we have a risk for severe weather, especially across portions of NE Nebraska, N Iowa, E South Dakota, SE North Dakota, Minnesota, and Northern Wisconsin. We need to be on the lookout here for gusty winds, hail, and the chance for isolated tornadoes. 

EVEN HOT OUT WEST – The Desert Southwest portion of the country will have its own share of heat on Tuesday. Excessive Heat Watches are currently taking over SE California and SW Arizona as we prepare for highs well into the 100s with a localized shot at surpassing 110º. The heat isn’t the only story though, because the fire threat is returning as well. Today, we need to watch across Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming for the wildfire threat. Have a wonderful Tuesday and stay tuned for the latest! 

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