Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“What So Proudly We Hailed...”

The USS Constellation from the Star Spangled 200 website
6:25 AM EDT 6/13/12 (Forecaster Mike & Advisor Foot) – The “Sailabration” has begun! Starting today in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, the city begins welcoming nearly 40 vessels from 14 countries, including over 2 dozen "Tall Ships" as they arrive to commemorate this  bicentennial of the War of 1812. With this historical event  coming to the doorstep of our U.S. headquarters in Central Maryland, our team proudly hails our national flag as a symbol of the values that made the United States a beacon for the values of having a strong work ethic, a belief in individual liberty, and an adherence to teamwork so we can all accomplish great things together.

WINDY WEDNESDAY The soggy weather from Tuesday has thankfully cleared from the Central Maryland region. However, the area will be left with some breezy conditions on as the Tall Ships arrive today. Expect winds in from the N at 10 mph and occasional gusts to 20 mph around the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Fortunately, we will be able to enjoy mostly sunny skies over the region. Watch for the winds buffeting the sails heading into the harbor, but it should make for some nice pictures! 

COULD IT BE? The northern fringe of the Southeast will actually start to dry out on Wednesday. Around the Metro Atlanta zone, we actually will see some mostly sunny skies returning, with quite warm temperatures as well, peaking in the upper 80s. This kind of luck is not coming for everyone though, because the area from around Dallas down towards Houston and the immediate Gulf Coast will have to deal with scattered showers and thunderstorms once again.

IN THE MIDDLE – In the middle of all this, we have sunshine setting in strong for a nice late spring day! Areas like the Tennessee zone will be enjoying plentiful sunshine. As far as high temperatures go, we are looking at widespread 70s and 80s across a huge portion of the country from the Mississippi to the Appalachians.

DRY ON THE OTHER SIDE  – The Southwest remains dry again, with little hope for wet weather in the near future. For Wednesday, warmth will certainly be plentiful with dry conditions remaining strong and sunshine staying still. Portions of the northwest though still have the risk for some scattered showers. Stay tuned for the latest and have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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