Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heating up on Saturday!

This photo was taken from the Sailabration website

6:30 AM 6/16/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Things are certainly heating up from coast to coast this Saturday! From the Blue Angels as part of the “Sailabration” in the east to severe weather in the Plains and a fire threat in the southwest, there is a little bit of everything somewhere in the country!

BLUE ANGEL FEVER – The Blue Angels will be flying out of Martin State Airport Saturday morning. The Air Show will have perfect conditions for viewers and pilots if anyone is heading out to see! Blue skies will be plentiful to watch the Blue Angels, and high temperatures on Saturday will likely be around 80ยบ. Are you pumped for the show?

SUMMERTIME IN FLORIDA – Our own Forecaster Joey from Central Maryland is in the Central Florida zone this weekend. This zone will be getting a lot of tourism heading into the heart of the summer as people search for that beautiful Florida sunshine! There will be mostly sunny skies across the Sunshine State on Saturday, but we do have the risk for some isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon, but that is very typical for the state.

SOME DON’T LIKE IT HOT – With the heat and the negligible humidity across the western states, we have yet another risk for some wildfires across portions of the southwest. While it will be a little windier, we do not expect extremely high winds on Saturday for the southwest, which is definitely good news for the wildfires. Still, be on the lookout for any alerts in the area!

SEVERE SATURDAY IN THE PLAINS – The severe weather is heating up in the middle of the country this weekend. One area to keep an eye on is the Kansas City Metro, but also stretching down into Oklahoma and north Texas, and up north to Chicago and Wisconsin. Kansas has been getting some severe weather already in the last few days. For example, check out this video of rotation and tornado sirens posted by Foot’s Forecast Affiliate, Cirrus Weather. Also, Cirrus Weather is featuring a Kansas Pride Photography Contest this month! If you have some wild pictures from Kansas, be sure to submit them! 

Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned here for the latest! 

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