Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saluting Our Fathers

A timeless painting by Norman Rockwell, celebrating 
the influence and importance of Fathers in every person's life 

9:00 AM EDT 6/17/12 (Forecaster Mike) – It’s a beautiful one for some regions of the country, but unfortunately the nice weather won't extend to everyone this Sunday. We salute Fathers everywhere, whether in your heart or in your home. For those heading out today to celebrate all that Dad has done, we offer direct access to a hometown forecast provided by our many local forecasters across the country. You can also locate your nearest zone in our "Find A Forecast" section.

Photo by Maryland reader Brenda Demski of the Blue Angels practicing on Friday 6/15/12
BLUE ANGELS FLIGHT – In the Mid-Atlantic, we have another beautiful day on the way, perfect for the Blue Angels at the Star Spangled Air Show! Many people caught Navy Blue Angels in flight near Baltimore City on Saturday amidst the beautiful late spring weather. Sunday will bring in some passing clouds, but with highs in the 70s to near 80ยบ for much of the Mid-Atlantic and I-95 Corridor, as well as up into the Northeast. For the beaches on Sunday, areas like the Bayshore or Outer Banks zones may be a little cooler, peaking highs in the lower 70s.
ONLY STORMS FLYING – The storm concern stretches across much of the middle of the country on Sunday, affecting a large area, but with a not too extreme threat. The Ohio Valley Severe zone may need to be on the lookout for some thunderstorms, but no major outbreaks are expected with this one. Still, passing clouds and some places getting mostly cloudy skies, could put a damper on Father’s Day plans. However, many places will not see a washout, just some scattered showers or thunderstorms.

WHO NEEDS THE GRILL? – Portions of the southwest may be able to scrape the grill for your outdoor Father’s Day plans, and just use the street – although that is probably not sanitary! Some areas in the desert southwest will be punching into highs in the 100s. Across the middle latitudes of the west, some very breezy conditions will set up, which will be a cause for concerns for fire. Dry air will not help the situation across portions of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming where we have quite the abundance of RED FLAG WARNINGS if effect! 

From our entire team, our warm wishes to all the Fathers out there! Enjoy the day. 

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