Saturday, June 23, 2012

How’s Your First Weekend of Summer?

Invest 96L from the National Hurricane Center

10:45 AM 6/23/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Since summer officially started on Wednesday, this is the first weekend officially part of the summer season. Some areas have absolutely beautiful weather in place for the weekend, but others are not so lucky. The pattern that dominated the country since around Tuesday has flipped, leaving cooler conditions over the east, with exceptional heat across portions of the Plains, close to the Rockies. 

TROPICS STIRRINGChris is now long out of the picture in the northern Atlantic as it fizzled out and lost tropical characteristics on Friday. However, the Tropical Zone Team is still watching a threat closer to home. The National Hurricane Center has given the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico a 90% chance of development into a Tropical Cyclone in the next few hours. Since it is already in the Gulf, it could pose a threat to land. Still, people in South Florida & The Keys will say that it already has impacted land because of the rain that has been dumping on Florida recently. Some areas in South Florida have picked up over 5 inches of rain in the last 7 days! 

Rainfall in the Last 7 Days from the National Weather Service

HEAT IN THE PLAINS Areas like the Central Colorado zone are baking this weekend as a huge ridge builds over the region. Highs have a chance to surpass 100ยบ in Denver once again, and widespread 100s will dominate the landscape across eastern Colorado and Kansas. Beyond that, we may be heading into the 90s all the way southeast from E Wyoming to South Carolina! This record breaking heat wave will only get worse on Sunday for many portions of the country west of the Mississippi River. 

RELIEF IN THE EASTIt will be a beautiful day for a trip to Virginia Beach on Saturday – part of the Virginia Tidewater zone. Mostly sunny skies will be prevalent across the beach areas with highs climbing into the upper 80s to lower 90s, but this will be made more comfortable by a drop in humidity. Like a typical summer day, the heat is staying strong in the Southeast, but a trough digging in over the region is abating the oppressive heat of the last few days across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Enjoy the break from the heat! 

ISOLATED SEVERE – The Severe weather threat on Saturday is not nearly as widespread as it was on Friday, but we still do need to mention a few areas on the lookout for some storms. The cold front that sparked the storms and heavy rain across the I-95 Corridor on Friday has moved off, but it is still lingering a slight risk for storms over New England. Another risk comes out of NW Montana, where we need to be on the lookout for storms developing strong wind, hail, and even isolated tornadoes. 

Have a fantastic weekend and stay tuned for the latest!

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