Friday, June 29, 2012


6:45 AM 6/29/12 (Forecaster Mike) – The heat wave that has been building in the middle of the country has taken over much of the country as we head into the final day of the work week. While Thursday marked the worst of the heat in portions of the Plains and Ohio Valley, Friday will be only the beginning for parts of the east coast. Very few people are exempt from this heat wave, but some cool air is holding out across portions of Upstate New York and northern New England.

New slight risk zone from SPC edited at 10:50 AM

PEAKED BUT STILL SCORCHING – Across the Plains and Midwest, including the Southeast Wisconsin zone, many cities saw their hottest day on Thursday. The Indianapolis National Weather Service warned of some of the hottest weather ever to hit the region since 1988 on Thursday, and Friday will be very close to that point once again. As the heat wave expands though there many places could be baking even hotter than Thursday with high humidity in place.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana shattered a record on Thursday, and has a chance to surpass Friday’s standing record of 100º that has held since 1934.
  • The core of the heat is located near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on Friday. This gives cities like Paducah, Kentucky a decent shot at tying or surpassing the record 105º.
  • Excessive Heat Warnings again dominate the Kansas City area, but the city’s record of 105º may be safe.
  • The south is also not exempt as heat spreads down the Mississippi. Memphis, Tennessee may be heading well above the record of 101º that has been standing since the last major heat wave like this in 1988!

The heat outlook from the St. Louis NWS

STORM THREAT?  - One thing dropping the temperatures in the middle of the country is a storm threat that we have on Friday. With so much heat energy and humidity over parts of the country, we are starting to see the chance for some storms to develop along the northern battle-ground of the heat bubble. There is the greatest chance for storms across the central Indiana area, but for this is significant seeing that portions of the state have been stuck in the driest June on record so far! The risk for storms also extends up to SE South Dakota and down to NW Virginia. While that is the primary locations to se severe weather, we may otherwise see storms across the are highlighted in Green on the SPC map above. 

I-95 IN THE FRYER – While the middle of the country has been enduring the worst of the heat for the last several days, the eastern seaboard is now in the line of fire. Numerous records are on the line from Savannah to Boston this Friday as the high pressure pumps heat into the region. Thursday did bring some hot weather to the region, but with humidity low, it felt more comfortable. Friday, on the other hand, will send humidity levels soaring, also spiking heat index values. As the heat expands to this region, we have our own share of records on the line.
  • Excessive Heat Warnings over North Carolina are in place because of a chance for cities like Raleigh, NC to easily break the daily record of 101º.
  • The Charlotte area will not be exempt with highs surging well above 100º, and making for the daily record of 102º.
  • Richmond, VA in the Central Virginia zone has a good chance to surpass Friday’s record of 101º set back in 1980.
  • The Metro New York region including Central Park, LaGuardia, and JFK all have a chance to meet their records which sit at 101º, 98º, and 99º respectively.

NWS High temperatures for Friday. 

Much of the east actually has a greater chance of hitting records than the middle of the country on Friday as the heat turns on full blast!

QUIET WEST – There is plenty of heat in the southwest as well, but because that is not as unusual, that heat is not making headlines. In the northwest, a few showers are making for some chances for light rain across the Seattle zone and the rest of the Pacific Northwest coastline. Things remain dry and hot in the southwest, but all across the region along and west of the Rockies, the fire threat has decreased, providing some time to recover from the devastating Colorado fires.

Stay tuned for the latest and have a great Friday!

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