Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Star-Gazing For The Solstice!

11:05 PM EDT 6/20/12 (Forecaster Caron S.) With the Moon coming out of a new phase on June 19, and warm summer nights having arrived, it is prime conditions for star gazing. Also in this time of the year the Little Dipper lies straight upward from Polaris (North Star) after dark. 

On June 21st just after the sun sets make sure you look out for Mercury and a thin crescent Moon. Also you should be able to see the dark side of the moon illuminated by the “Earthshine”. Some of you may know this as the “old Moon in the new Moon’s arms”.
June 20th is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Summer officially begins at the solstice, 7:09 P.M.!

On June 21st at dusk, 45 minutes after the sun sets, look to the sky to see a thin crescent Moon, Mercury, Pollux, and Castor. (Picture Below) So don’t forget to thank all those fathers out there today, and happy star gazing!

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