Monday, June 4, 2012

"Who can take a rainbow, 
wrap it in a sigh..."
-Lyrics from The Candy Man in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Photo by Darius M. Kwiedorowicz as submitted to our Central Maryland forecast page in Facebook

5:40 AM 6/4/12 (Forecaster Mike) A polarized day of weather ahead.  The heat in the center of the country will be strongly clashing with the cool air centered over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This clash of airmasses creates a risk for some thunderstorms as we are all accustomed to by now. For all those impacted by the weekend storms, we hope this glimpse of a rainbow by a reader in Central Maryland provides a little light to the start of your work week. 

Severe Potential - The Southeast will be the prime area for severe weather to develop on Monday, as noted in our Southeast Severe Weather page in Facebook. A trough digging in over the northeast will force a stationary front southward into an area of heat and humidity, allowing some storms to flare up along it. Areas like Metro Atlanta & North Georgia will need to be on the lookout for some potentially severe weather Monday afternoon. This threat will stretch from the SC coast back to portions of Missouri, so be on the lookout there! 

Not Very Summery - While a large area will be covered, nothing will be too close together. Most showers and storms will be widely spaced around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as a trough digs in. Scattered showers and storms will be a concern in areas like the Metro New York zone, but we will be very chilly compared to where we normally are in June! New York City may be looking at highs not surpassing the low to mid 60s with portions of New England not even breaking out of the 50s! It sure won't feel anything like early June in that area. 

Where is Summer Then? - Warm weather has surely evacuated the Northeast, but has instead fled to the Central Plains. Areas like our Kansas City Metro zone can expect highs climbing into the lower 90s, which is quite a bit above the average of 80ยบ for this time of year. 90s will stretch through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and along the Gulf Coast to our Florida Panhandle zone.

Storm Bombards Northwest - We will need to watch out for some scattered showers and thunderstorms stretching from our Seattle & The Sound and into Idaho and Montana. Some areas may actually see a sizable amount of rain, which is relatively rare for this time of year!

Have a great Monday!

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