Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild Summer Solstice!

6:30 AM EDT 6/20/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Happy First Day of Summer! With the tropics heating up again, a large heat wave, and the usual threat for storms, we have quite the wild day setting up in terms of the weather. There is plenty of heat from coast to coast before summer officially begins at 7:09 PM EDT. 

Graphical Heat Forecast from the National Weather Service

I-95 HEAT WAVE – Wednesday will be a real scorcher across much of the I-95 corridor through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The National Weather Service has issued HEAT ADVISORIES stretching nearly continuously up form central Virginia to Boston, MA. Many other counties in NY and New England are also under Heat Advisories on Wednesday. Much of the megalopolis area will be jumping into the mid to upper 90s, with heat indices climbing upwards of 100-105º. This will include the Foot's Forecast | Metro New Yorkzone, where anyone spending time outside should be sure to remain hydrated! 

TROPICAL TROUBLES – The National Hurricane Center has recently announced the formation of Tropical Storm Chris in the northern Atlantic. It is currently packing winds of 45 mph as it moves to the east at 17 mph. The Foot's Forecast: The Tropical Zone Team is keeping a very close eye on this system, although the threats to land are slim. Chris is not the only thing the Tropical Team is watching though. Another broad disturbance located over the NW Caribbean and up towards the Bahamas is cause for some concern. Even if it does not develop tropical characteristics, we need to be on the lookout for heavy rain making for some depressing beach days in the Foot's Forecast | South Florida & The Keys zone. We could see some very high rain totals across south Florida, including the Miami area. 

Projected Path of Tropical Storm Chris from the NHC

COLD FRONT MOVES EAST – Out ahead, there will be no shortage of heat, just like the heat that is frying the big cities in the Northeast. Dallas, St. Louis, and Chicago will all see highs in the 90s on Wednesday, but portions of the upper Midwest like the Dakotas, most of Nebraska, most of Minnesota, and NE Kansas will see much cooler temperatures with highs in the 60s and 70s more common. Showers and thunderstorms will also be possible along the cold front, impacting areas from Central Kansas up towards northern Wisconsin. 

QUIET IN THE WEST – We will be dry from Washington State to west Texas, but heat will be another big concern in the southwest. Excessive Heat Watches are in effect again, as much of the desert region may see highs well over 100º, with a shot at some local areas above 110º. With lower winds, the fire threat on Wednesday has not been declared as “Critical” according to the Storm Prediction Center, although this picks up where it left off on Thursday. 

Heat Index calculation from the NWS

Stay tuned for the latest and have a great Wednesday!

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