Monday, June 11, 2012

"Wind Beneath My Wings." 
 - Bette Midler in the 1990 soundtrack from Beaches

Photo credit: Travel With A Challenge 
12:00 PM EDT 6/11/12 (Forecaster Mike) This week, Baltimore City and the state of Maryland will welcome up to a million visitors to the Inner Harbor area for the "Sailabration 200." This is the Bicentennial of America's Second War for Independence , which officially started June 18, 1812 and ended February 18, 1815 with the Treaty of Ghent. Today, nearly 40 Tall Ships are en route to the Harbor, and we bid them abundant wind in their wings for a safe journey to this uniquely American event. 

FLOODING CONCERNS CONTINUE - As you can see in the graphic below, parts of the Gulf Coast have seen an astounding amount of rainfall on Sunday alone! Some places in the Florida Panhandle zone have seen over 10 inches of rain in one day alone. As we head into our Monday, more rain is likely from Central Texas, to the lower Mississippi River Valley, then back towards the southeast and the Gulf Coast. Continual rainfall fluxing in from the Gulf of Mexico is creating serious flood concerns, thus Flood Warnings are in effect for portions of southern Alabama and the western Florida Panhandle. 

FRINGE OF NICE WEATHER - The immediate Mid-Atlantic Coast and the Northeast will be able to hold out another nice day on Monday. Showers and storms will be held back in the Midwest and the Ohio Valley, which will allow areas like the Central Pennsylvania zone to climb to highs in the mid 80s under sunny skies. All across this region, clouds may pull in late, but highs will be warm and humidity levels high as the airflow comes in from the south, bringing warm, moist air with it.

CHILLY & BREEZY NORTHERN PLAINS - While areas like the Southeast Wisconsin zone will be able to have a warm day, areas in the Dakotas and portions of Minnesota will see a serious drop in temperatures. Wisconsin will hold out for Monday, but we can look ahead to a major slash in temperatures from Monday to Tuesday as the cold front officially passes the region.

SOUTH TEXAS SAUNA- Across portions of Texas, we will see widespread highs into the 100s again, making for quite the warm  one to begin with. Additionally, 90s will stretch back across the southern Plains as well. Plentiful heat energy and high moisture content will make the risk for some severe weather to develop across portions of the southern plains.

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