Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Bright Lights, Big City"
- 1984 Novel by Author Jay McInerney

6:45 AM EDT 7/19/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Summertime is a perfect time to experience the cities across the country! Whenever you are outside though, you need a reliable team providing you with the forecast so you don't get caught outside in a thunderstorm! As part of this "Team Thursday", we are going to recognize the five big metro areas covered by a Foot's Forecast Team! 

The picture below is courtesy of "Carlo",
who posted this photo on Earthcam.

What better place to start than in the place where Jay McInerney set his novel - New York City! The METRO NEW YORK zone is currently introducing a new Apprentice Forecaster, Zachary Jacomowitz who will be providing the local expertise to the area. NYC could definitely ask for a nicer Thursday though, but on the bright side, we can finally leave 100º+ weather that we saw on Wednesday behind! Highs will likely hover in the low to mid 80s around the region with more clouds than sun overhead. While highly isolated showers are possible, most wet weather will hold away from the city this Thursday. 

The City of Brotherly Love may not be feeling that love from Mother Nature this Thursday. The PHILADELPHIA team, lead by Forecaster Robert Johnson with assistance from Meteorologist and Oceanographer Alex Davies, is expected scattered showers and thunderstorms across the metro region today with highs climbing into the upper 80s to lower 90s. The good news for Philly is the same as that in New York - the heat wave is over although we are still warm. 

Philadelphia Skyline
There may be some luck further south as the departure of the heat waves leaves near average temperatures for "Hotlanta". Forecasters Jason Isaacs and Daniel Ross are expecting another stormy day across the ATLANTA metro. Afternoon thunderstorms may flare up again under partly sunny skies, potentially bringing some much-needed rain tot he region. Highs will be right near the average high for the date, sitting around a warm but not oppressively hot 90º.

Now if highs are near normal for NYC, Philly, and Atlanta, the above-average heat has to be somewhere! Just head to KANSAS CITY and you will find no shortage of heat this Thursday. The Kansas City metro team is lead by Forecasters Kristen Metz and Cissy Orzulak who both work hard to make sure the city knows about impeding heat on the way, like there is now! Excessive Heat warnings are in effect for the city, with Heat Advisories stretching all around the metro region. Highs are expected in the balmy lower 100s, but heat index values could be as high as 110º! 

Jealous yet, central and eastern States?

Want to escape the summer heat? Then there's no better place to be than the SEATTLE AND THE SOUND area! This zone covers the metro Seattle area into Puget Sound, and is lead by a collaboration with Forecaster Mark Ingalls in Washington State and Josh Owens who has family in that region.With mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies expected around the region, highs will be right near the normal of a comfortable 76º! Those in Seattle may just be laughing about all of the Central and Eastern people and the heat in place! 

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